Tuesday, June 16, 2015

May 2015

May started with this sight at the bus stop! So pretty! I can't believe our bus stops walks are done for the year!

Can you believe it - almost a first grader? Here's his first project on gorillas!

We went to the Texans draft party and met some former/current Texans and crazy fans!

Then someone got spoiled at his haircut!


We celebrated my mom's birthday this month with a surprise party! What a great time! She's done a great job - look at all these sweet grand kids.

Baseball continues....

And Mother's Day, I was woken up by this face...

...and Dad took both to the grocery for me :) Good times!

The gorilla exhibit finally opened, and we took a day off school to check it out! Griffin was able to share his gorilla knowledge with the zookeeper. He was pretty proud. 

Emmy Lou finished her Kindermusic class - these are her sweet friends and Ms. Kristy. She loved it - we will miss going every week.

Kindergarten has been so much fun for this guy - the Spring Festival was a hit for him and his buddy, Josh.


One final lunch with Daddy...

My BFFs and I went to see NKOTB...again. We loved every second and can't wait until we get to Mexico this summer. 

Nike day just because :)

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Dinner with Kiki, Mi-Maw, and Jill....

Our garden and plum trees grew this spring so we were able to enjoy them. Mi-Maw helped us pick some good ones!

Memorial Day - pool is OPEN!

Fun dinners with our sweet friends...

Family lunch on the last Friday of school....

Emmy was invited to her first birthday party for her friend, Sophia. Bubba came for support :)

This one right here... he's the best. He participated in a basketball camp where he was the littlest one there. And you would never know it...he played his little heart out. I am so proud of him.

Summer is coming, and it's going to be a GOOD one.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

April 2015

April brought a lot of fun - especially with Easter!

Emmy has done so well in the MOPs nursery this spring! Here, she is enjoying an Easter egg hunt with her buddies!

The kids took a Good Friday trip to the San Jacinto monument - she made a friend in Kasey there! They had fun together!

My friend, Jennifer, took this great picture of her! Sweet love!

The Easter bunny brought treats for the little ones, too!

And much to my surprise, a secret Easter bunny covered our lawn in eggs! So, off they went for an early morning egg hunt!

These two did great during church too!

Lazy days are our favorite - here is a good selfie with my girly!

Sister also had her first trip to the dentist, and to my surprise, she did great! 

Always on the go....

Big brother started baseball this spring, and he is LOVING it. He wasn't sure he wanted to take a break from soccer, but it has been a good change!

She loves to be greeted by her big bro in the morning!

Crazy hair day at school! He is already asking about next year :) He is closing in on his first year in school, and I am super proud of him. He is a social one, and that has caused a few "bad days" at school, but that is really what I love best about him. I know he is going to do well in school, and I am excited for first grade. He is too!

Rainy days do not get this girl down....

Sometimes impromptu adventures are needed - and fun! I took them strawberry-pickin'!

I have to document her favorite thing to do - climb and make me nutty! I love being home with her - climbing included! She is quite the entertainer and is talking so much! I just noticed this month how she is starting to form sentences, and I love it. 

I took a break from the mom life to reunite with some college buddies! We laughed and enjoyed good drinks and eats! The trip went way too fast, but it was awesome! I can't wait for next year!

Happy Spring, y'all!