Friday, July 25, 2014

First Tooth Fairy Visit!

Griffin lost his first tooth on July 12! He was so excited (me - not so much; I don't like blood, and I don't like him getting bigger). 

The Tooth Fairy left him a special quarter wrapped in this fancy dollar! He was so excited with his $1.25! 

It was made even more special by our cousins being in town! Aimee and I toasted with these mommy cocktails :)

Griffin had a blast with Charlie and Jack!

And who can beat $1.99 Thor masks for everyone?! And they pair well with some matching Gap pajamas! 

Such a fun time for my little man!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

11 months!

Sister is getting close to that one year mark - we just can't believe it! Here's a little of our Emmy girl at 11 months!

She is a fun baby - but boy is she getting feisty!!

Likes - food, her bro, my phone, blowing kisses, sleeping (finally!!), when daddy gets home, tortillas, turkey, anything sweet, crawling at warp speed, emptying all drawers all day long

Dislikes - peas, green beans, being told no, tv, brother's Hulk mask

We also took birthday pictures! Here's a sneak peek!

Love you, little boo boo!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Camping on the river!

We just returned from our 2nd camping trip, and we are loving it! In fact, G did not want to return the rented RV. Who knows - maybe we will have one of our own one day! This trip was even better because Keaton came with us!

We joined my friends, Amby and Virginia, plus their families for this trip. Let's just say, there were A LOT of boys. They spent the end of the day in the tent watching movies!

Time to hit the river!

Little miss in her bathing suit and cover-up!

Keaton lost another tooth on our trip - who knew the Tooth Fairy makes camping calls??

The majority of their time was spent loading up their water guns and shooting the floaters. They had a great time!

She did too!

Virginia was the baby whisperer as she got sweet Emmy to sleep too!

Late night at the dance hall!

My BFF, Amy, and her boys came in from San Antonio to spend a day with us on the river! We loved seeing them!

We had a great time camping! I think we may be a camping family after all!

Summer Photo Dump - Part II

Some more photos from our summer adventures...

We took a quick trip to the Woodlands Children's Museum - both kids had a great time!

We celebrated Father's Day by remembering our dads (see letter below that my dad once wrote to me!) and spending time together! Hans wanted to grill, sip a beer, and hang out in the pool!

My nephew, Gunar, also graduated from high school! Very proud of this dude!

G made a summer bucket list, and right at the top was to visit Charlie in Louisiana! So, we took off for a couple of days to see our family, and we had a great time!

First ride together in the grocery cart!

A little after dinner entertainment on a Friday night!

Fugler girls night out - dinner and a movie!

G got a new bed thanks to the Odells! His little sister is a fan too!

Emmy girl loves to facetime Daddy at work! Too cute!

Kisses for her favorite person in the world - her big bro!

We attended our 3rd year of VBS, and he had a great time with the Odells and Saucedas!

Up next - our big camping trip to the river! #reedsummer2014