Saturday, June 30, 2012


We just returned from a trip to see the Hardy family in Louisiana. We had an absolute blast! I loved seeing my cousins and staying with my awesome aunt and uncle, Melissa and Bob. G had a great time playing with my cousin Aimee's son, Charlie. She recently had a new baby boy, Jack, who is a sweet pea! Here is my aunt, cousins Aimee and Stacy, and Stacy's hilarious husband, Hab.

G and Charlie took a quick dip in the pool. They played SO well together - not once did we hear "mine" or any tattling or fighting! We can't wait for them to come visit us!
G and Bob had a little jam session!

We then drove into Arnaudville, where Mom is from, and ate at our favorite restaurant - Myran's. Hands down, the best shrimp burgers AND onion rings EVER. G is not a fan of the onion, but boy did he mow through some onion rings. Some of Mom's cousins met us for lunch - it was so nice to see them and have them chat with G :)
A drive-thru daiquiri!
Sweet G and Charlie!
The shrimp burger. I want another one.
Ice cream cone followed the onion rings....
My favorite stop was at my Maw-Maw Hardy's house - where Mom grew up and much of my childhood was spent. It was bittersweet since a new family now lives there, but I am so glad I got to take G to this special place. As I left, I started singing, "The House That Built Me," because it fits how I feel perfectly.
Mom wanted to stop and pray for Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw so we did. I hope my sweet Griffin Hardy Reed knows what a beautiful and saintly woman he is named after....I love my sweet Maw-Maw and could use her delicate and faithful spirit right about now. Weird as it is, I love thinking of her and Dad in Heaven together. He is teasing her and they are both watching over my sweet boy. I tried to think of a way to explain what the cemetery was. After a few failed attempts, G said, "so this is like Heaven?" Sweet, sweet boy. Love his little mind.
More of Maw-Maw's house - many, many memories on this porch.
The beautiful cemetery and St. Francis Catholic Church - where my Mom and Dad were married :)
Sweet heaven, did we aunt made homemade shrimp gumbo and crawfish etoufee - I dare you to try and find any this good (well, except for Mom's :) ).
Our daiquiri picnic - strawberry colada, pina colada, peach colada, and margarita. YUM!

This trip meant so much to me - as I know it did for my mom. My Aunt Melissa and Uncle Bob are the greatest. Since Dad died, they both have been there EVERY SECOND. When I have any concerns or need advice, I call Bob. I remember very vividly him being there right after everything happened with my dad - from the very first moment it all started. When I chose to name Griffin, I knew he had to have the middle name of Hardy - for my mom, my Maw-Maw, and for Bob. I had a wonderful trip and feel so blessed to be a Cajun....and a Hardy too!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wedding shower fun....

My friend Jason is getting married in July! He's been my neighbor since we were 5, and his mom is one of my mom's BFFs. We celebrated with a night out at one of our favorite Houston bars - Marquis. I had a great time with Jason, his fiancée Jenn, Dwayne and Sarah, Brian, and Lawrence. We've been friends forever, and I'm so happy we got to see them all - laughs and craziness always! Congrats, Skaife! Can't wait until July 14!

VBS 2012

Griffin had a wonderful time at his first vacation bible school. He went with his friends Landon and Sarah. He was hesitant at first but ended up loving it! We will definitely go again next year!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

We enjoyed a lazy morning with breakfast and treats for dad. Hans got a Kindle Fire and an interview with Griffin :) Love my boys!

We also celebrated my dad. Still miss him - there's still a hole in my heart. Love you, 339!

We ended with a wedding for my former student, Gavin. So proud of him - notice his Purple Heart. A hero in my opinion! Congrats, Gavin and Madi! How precious are their favors??

Happy Father's Day!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer in the country...

We spent our first summer weekend in Stephenville visiting Granny, Papa John, Aunt Hilary, Uncle Matt, and our cousins. The best part? Kiki and Aunt Jill came too! Here is Granny telling us the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. She's a great storyteller!

 Cousin Gunner took us all for rides on his little four wheeler - everyone had a safe ride and loved it!
 We also stopped at Fossil Rim to see many cool animals and feed them from the car!
 G even fed some little deer!

 We also had to stop at Layne's in College Station for some classic chicken fingers. Gig 'em!
 Our little Captain Americas had a blast swimming and running around! A perfect start to summer!