Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

We have had such a fun weekend. We tried our luck at dyeing eggs - a whole bunch of messy fun! Daddy picked out a car theme for G's eggs - imagine that.

Then the Easter bunny stopped by my house and brought me all my favorites - a new movie, M&Ms (which are a huge part of the potty-training process. Good call, Easter bunny), a train, and a Toy Story t-shirt!

We had a practice egg hunt before we headed to Mi-Maw's.

Here he is all ready to go to Mi-Maw's house!!

More chocolate - thanks Mi-Maw :)

And new baseball gloves for G and Kiki!

Then, Kiki took G on a nice Sunday drive.

G got behind the wheel and pretty much turned in circles. FUN!

My sweet nephews Gage (18) and Gunar (14). Gage is about to graduate high school. What?!?!

Mi-Maw and her 4 boys :)

And the hunt is on!

So much fun!

HAPPY EASTER from the Reeds!

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Best Friend

I use my blog as my scrapbook, so I had to include this special memory of Griffin Hardy Reed. He has gotten pretty good at manipulating us out of going to bed (needs milk, wants to do one more puzzle, read one more book, watch a little Lightning McQueen, etc...). So last night, he asked me to rock him before going night-night. Here is our conversation:

Me: I love you.

G: I love you too.

Me: No, I love you more.

G: No, Mommy. I love YOU more....(pause)'re my best friend (all while patting me on the back and giving me a big hug).

So, what did I do (besides cry for a sec)?? I held him a little longer and thanked God (and my Dad and Mi-Maw Hardy) for this most precious gift. Griffin is a daily reminder that God is good. We are beyond blessed for this sweet baby boy.

And you know what? He's my best friend too.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Woody, Buzz, and More...

Someone needed a little rest after a big day! Here is sweet man chillin' at Natachees near downtown. We stopped for some dinner after the big show....

Sharing some popcorn with Kiki...
Woody and Bullseye (a mini-Bullseye came home with us!)...

During the first act, G wasn't too sure - too loud and I think he was afraid that some of his favorite characters would come meet him personally. After he realized they had to stay on the ice, he loved it - dancing and clapping for the rest of the show.

I am glad we had another big event to remember because he is STILL talking about Sea World. Not kidding...about every hour of every day he says, "Mommy, you remember when I went to Sea World?" Since yesterday, he keeps saying, "Mommy, you remember when I saw Woody and Buzz?" He also keeps saying, "I had fun today." Too sweet.

And no worries, we are returning to Sea World this summer.

A little review of our day.....

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Crawfish Boil 2011

Our annual crawfish boil was so much fun! I love having all my favorite people come over with their families and enjoy a beautiful day and some great food! Once again, Hans did a great job - his crawfish are better than any restaurant. YUM!

Griffin had a GREAT time with his cousin and friends. He went full speed ahead for HOURS. Here he is into the night with Kiki and Gabby. The wagon provided much entertainment!

Kiki loved the new playset! Checking out the bugs before their demise :) Good times in the fort!
YUM! Good job, Daddy!
Thanks to everyone for coming over! We are blessed with our friends, family, and awesome co-workers!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

March Madness!

We have had a fun and busy March. I enjoyed celebrating my birthday with my great friends! We enjoyed burgers at the Love Shack in Cypress. Go soon if you haven't already! Plus, it's great for kids. They have a huge sand pit and other fun things to keep them occupied!

Jennifer, Kelly S., Kelly O. - love these girls! We have also been busy with birthday parties. Once we go to one, Griffin talks about it for weeks. This weekend, we went to Ellie's birthday at The Little Gym. His whole class was there so he had a blast! One of my former students was the coach for the party. G got some extra attention :) We then found some Cars stickers left over from his birthday party. How cute is this smile? Oh and he loves his new pumpkin shirt from Kiki. Yes, it's April, but that's just how we roll :) And our latest project - his new playset. If you want one for your kiddos, go to Sam's!! Reasonable price, and they even put it together for you. Or, you can have a handy husband who will try it himself! So far, we are on day 3, and it's not finished. Pretty proud of the hubs for working so hard. Here is G loving his new picnic table! Daddy and Uncle Tanner took a break from working on the playset to go to an air show. G loved the planes - when they were not taking off :) He prefers them quiet and still. We did have a rocky end to March as Hans had to have emergency surgery a couple of weeks ago. Pretty scary for a second, but he is doing very well now. Blessed to have some guardian angels looking out for us. And I am so blessed to have such a hard-working, strong husband.

We can't wait to continue our Spring fun and start preparing for summer!