Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had a great time in Stephenville for turkey day! Both kids were tuckered out on our way home!

Lil bit scored some new kicks on Black Friday! 

Daddy's good buddy, Aaron, came to meet Emmy!

It was also a big weekend for this little hunter - Daddy planned a duck hunting trip. This is what happens when your day starts at 5:00 am!

Emmy also met Gracelyn - Hans' sister's new baby. She's 3 weeks younger than Em.

The new moms gave thanks for mimosas!

Lil turkey 

Country boy!

Love this picture - last thanksgiving, I was pretty depressed because we still longed for a 2nd baby. I may have drank a little wine to drown my sorrows :) Fast forward a year, and we've got this beautiful baby girl. God is beyond good. His timing is everything. 

1st thanksgiving!

And in other baby news -- she decided to sit up last week. Stop growing, lil one!! I'm soaking it all in and giving many thanks :)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Louisiana - Ags v Tigers!

We took the kids and headed to Cajun country this past weekend! The Aggies were playing in Baton Rouge so we took the chance to see family and enjoy some tailgating! The drive there was looooong, but we made it and enjoyed great food and drink plus we saw family and old friends!

My cousin, Stacy, and Emmy!

My cousin's son, Charlie, and Emmy! He kept saying, "she's soooo cute!" :)

Stacy and Hab look great with a baby, don't ya think?? :)

Hans and I headed to the game while the kids stayed behind. G begged to stay with my uncle Bob who wore him out! G even took a nap and discovered a love for fried catfish! #miracleshappen

While in Baton Rouge, we stopped at my dad's childhood home. So many memories there with him and my Maw Maw Fugler. Miss them both!

And on to the tailgate - thanks to my dear old friend, and Tiger, Eddie for hosting us! Great food and awesome bloody marys! 

Here are some Ags showing off their rings! Look closely - a few of those say class of '13. Weird. 

My former student, Sarah. Love her!

My dear friend Page who just moved to Louisiana!

My Suzanne - really Amanda. Lots of memories with this girl. She was born in Baton Rouge too :)

Scotty, me, Chris, and Ed! So. Much. Fun.

Rollin' solo!

Even baby girl was reppin' those Ags!

Notice I didn't mention the game?? I'll just focus on all the fun and blessings of good friends and family!!! :)

Best buds, bowling, and more!

My BFF Amy came in town to meet Emmy! Friday night, we sent the boys to a parents night out so we could enjoy a quiet dinner (sweet Emmy slept the whole time!). 
Crazy kids. Amy has a minivan, and G was obsessed with it - all the space , the tv...he wants one now!

 Kiki had his 6th bday party at the bowling alley, and G scored a 103!!

Sweet Sarah J loves Emmy! We painted Emmy's toes later that night :)

Mimaw and her baby girl!

My MOPs group met up at the zoo for the Zoo Lights! I highly recommend - so fun and festive!!

She's so happy. 

Up next..... road trip!

3 months!

Our little boo is 3 months old! She is the sweetest thing ever. I cannot get enough.

A few tidbits on 
Emmy Kate -

Still a rock star sleeper - sometimes her bro wakes us up in the mornings! She naps in her swing and still sleeps by me in the bassinet at night. And I don't have plans to move her anytime soon :)
She currently weighs 13 lbs . We call her our little chunker!

She looooves her brother. He entertains her so I can get things done sometimes. She loves to laugh at him!

She had her 1st road trip to Louisiana and even her first "sitter" - my sweet aunt Melissa watched her so we could go to the Aggie/LSU game. She did great!

She likes to lift her booty off the ground, and just this week she rolled to her side. Can't take my eyes off her for a second!!

She loves her hands. She usually has them clasped together like she's praying! She stares at them and likes to put them in her mouth (no teeth just yet!).

Emmy girl - you're a beautiful little angel. Can't wait for the holidays with you!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall Feast!

We are so thankful for G's new school this year! He loves it! The teachers report he is a talker - no, really?? :) 

Mi-maw, Dad, Mom, and Emmy enjoyed this time with our main man!

Little bit and her presh outfit!

Baby feet!

Thankful! Thankful! Thankful!