Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring has sprung!

Sheesh...what a weekend! We ended with Sarah's birthday party! What fun we had - Kristin always does such a good job and is so creative. See the Aerial mermaid in the pic? She made it! Love it.

But one of the best parts is that Kiki came too! And one of the cutest things ever happened - when we had all the kids gather for a photo, Kiki and G (without any prompting) stood together and put their arms around each other. LOVE it. They are so cute and sweet.

Mac n' cheese for dinner! PERFECT.

They had a bounce house - score!


Hi, Mama.

Chillin' with my Dada.


I have to document something precious that Griffin did this week. One morning while getting ready for school, he ran to his room to get his clothes for the day. He then came to sit down in my bathroom while I got ready. Suddenly, he screams, "I DID IT!" I look down and this sweet munchkin had put his shoes and socks on. By himself. On the right feet. The look on his little face made me tear up - he was so proud. Love this smart boy.


We are loving this spring weather and hope it sticks around for a bit! Two weeks until Spring Break! Sea World, the rodeo, and Kiki spends the night - we're pumped!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


We have had a busy week celebrating Valentine's and my sister's birthday! (It's her 40th - go big or go home!) We took her out to dinner at Pappas. Anytime Kiki and Griffin are together, they are so happy. I love how close they are, and we can't wait for their many adventures together.

Stop. I can't handle the cuteness.

G's cousin Gunar took him to see the fish at the restaurant. He counted all the fish and told Gunar what colors they are. Smart boy.

Then, Uncle Doug took him too. Doug told G he was going to go "fishing" and get him a fish for his pocket. He pretended to put one in G's pocket, so when we got home, he kept digging in his pocket asking where his fish is :) Maybe someone needs his first pet??

Jason, Kiki, G, and Doug

The best red velvet cake. EVER. L.O.V.E.

Jason can't resist "chunking the deuce." For some reason, when we take pics, the peace sign comes out. We're crazy like that.
G Funk and his godmother on her birthday!!
G also had a great Valentine's Day. This week's favorite movie is Ice Age. He loved it so much that we go him Ice Age 2 for Valentine's. Here he is chillin' on Dada while watching.
Yum. I made lemon tarts for Valentine's Day. Someone loved them.
All you need is LOVE. Precious boy.
Say what??!! Straws for Valentine's?? Thanks Mommy!
And Spiderman? Too good to be true.
What else is in there??
More toys. More candy. Anything for the sweetest boy. I L.O.V.E him!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


We celebrated my sister's 40th (say what?? she's one HOT mama!) with a surprise trip to New Orleans! Jason called me around Christmas to start planning so I've kept a secret from her for a LONG time. Hans and I flew and got there before everyone else. When she arrived, we hid in the hotel lobby until we made our surprise entrance. The plan was to walk up to her casually, but I got a little excited and started running and jumping! The look on her face was priceless (there may have been tears too...). We had a BLAST eating, drinking some daiquiris and bloody marys, laughing, dancing, singing, and celebrating my awesome sister!

A second surprise - our awesome Uncle Bob and Aunt Melissa came for the fun too!

Bridget and me

A third surprise - our cousin Stacy and her husband Hab were in town too for his half marathon.
Sweet G spent his weekend with Mi-Maw. The park, eating, and watching his new favorite movie, Ice Age, were all on the agenda. Then, we came home and saw the Biebs on the Grammys. I would like to introduce Biebs, Jr. This boy loves his music and his guitar. Get it, G!
Laissez les bon temps roulez!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A "Snow" Weekend...

We are thankful for the "snow" scare that gave us a 3-day weekend!
We ended our fun with the Super Bowl! Here are the little ones enjoying some popcorn while watching a movie. Who needs football anyway??

Yum. Hot dogs, mac-n-cheese, and Cheetos - my fave!
Before the big Super Bowl party, we had to hit the park. We went from an Artic blast to Spring-like weather in just two days. We took advantage by running the bases.

Mommy and Daddy also had a night out with their buds seeing Cory Morrow. Love these ladies!

While we were "snowed" in on Friday, we decided to make some coconut macaroons. One word - YUM-O. Lil' G had a blast helping out his Mommy.

We decided to get creative and review our shapes. What better way to do so than make a complete mess? GOOD IDEA, MOMMY! We poured some flour on a cookie sheet and traced some squares, circles, diamonds, and rectangles. Mommy is still finding flour in the kitchen crevices.
Here are some cute videos of the G-man from this weekend. He cracks us up, and we have enjoyed just being with him all weekend. Forgive my singing in the second video - dude loves him some Train and "Hey Soul Sister." Love that kid.
Here's to some warmth and a feeling of Spring in the air!