Sunday, December 29, 2013

Gaylord Texan 2013

We enjoyed our second annual trip to the Gaylord! The decorations are amazing! The trip was cut short this year as Keaton took a tumble and split his chin - poor dude! No matter what, we will be back next year :) The ice show and snow tubing were our favorites! 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013 - Part II

Christmas was spent at Mi-Ma's house - so fun to have everyone together! Lil miss took it all in :)

Chillin' in the bumbo for the first time! Thanks, Aunt Lori!

The little fam!

Mi-Ma and baby girl!

The grandsons!

Big boy booster seat! #finally

Oldest and youngest grandchild! How is he almost 21?

Hans's awesome wrap job!

Mi-Ma and her grand babies! 

Gunar and his cousin!

Emerson Kate ready for Santa!

G loved finding his new bike on Christmas morning!

Keaton got mustaches so we tried them out!

The best gift of all - my sister refinished an old dollhouse my dad made. Here I am with the house when I was small! Now my sweet girl can enjoy it too :) The note she included which had us all crying. Miss you, Daddy. I can't wait for Em to enjoy it like we did!

As G said later that day, "I'm sad Christmas is over! I love being with my family!"

Merry Christmas to all!

Christmas 2013 - Part I

We have enjoyed this holiday season! Steve, the elf, had a good run too!

This year, I started a new tradition of an Advent calendar. We counted down the days, and G picked a fun activity to do each day (he picked a card for the day based on the date). We did things like drink hot chocolate, sleep by the Christmas tree, look at Christmas lights, and have a sleepover with Kiki! He loved it all!

She loved watching him!
G's Christmas party - crooked glasses and all!

Emmy in her Christmas best!

Meeting Daddy for lunch!

We also celebrated my friend Lori and baby Libby! Libby heard what fun the girls had at brunch and decided to come the very next day! Love being with Ivonne, Amanda, and Lori!
Ananda and I love our gifts from Ivonne :)

More Christmas fun to come!!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

4 months!

Emmy Kate is 4 months old!! Bless it be - I love this sweet baby girl!

Here's what she is up to -

Still a good sleeper! She likes to wake up around 2 every now and then to laugh then falls back asleep :)

She rolled over both ways - go girl!

She has found her toes and loves to put them in her mouth!

She loves to also put her hands in her mouth and drools like crazy! Tooth soon, maybe??

She does not want to lay flat anymore! Need to get out the bumbo!

Still nursing like a champ too! There's nothing better!!

She is super excited about her first christmas - what a blessed holiday it will be!

Love you, Emmy girl!