Sunday, March 25, 2012


I am not really sure how I got to be 35 already....but, in all my years, I'm pretty sure simplicity is the best part of it all... like enjoying a cupcake with my sweet pea!

Our sweet friends - the Odells - came over for ribs and other good grub! Griffin took Ryan for a spin. It was such a simple evening and all I could ask for on my birthday weekend. We sat on the porch sippin' beer ritas, and the kids just played themselves silly.
Then, my sweet niece, Lexi, was baptized on my actual birthday. She is so stinkin' sweet. Griffin loved tickling her feet. G also got to see his Uncle Tanner and Uncle Shane so he was pretty pumped.

What a sweet blessing on my birthday!

Love Lexi in this pic - she is probably wondering if this cousin of hers could sit still for .5 seconds so we could get somewhat of a decent pic. Oh well - such is life!

I loved all my messages, texts, and calls for my birthday. I wish I could hug all those people in person. So far, 35 is looking pretty good!

Monday, March 19, 2012

NYC 2012

Hans and I had a wonderful trip to NYC. It was my first trip, and I am already ready to go back! Thanks, hubs, for making it a trip to remember.

We did make it to the 9/11 memorial. It was beautiful, peaceful, and quiet. I almost feel badly for taking pictures, but I wanted to capture the memory. Always say a prayer - even 10 years later.

My FAVORITE part was Times Square. We went a bunch of times just so I could soak it all in. Loved all the activity there - even in the rain!

Also on my list was to walk through Central Park - here is the Boat House. 27 Dresses, anyone??

Oh Lenny...our doorman at the hotel. I loved talking to him and he gave us great tips on where to go and what to see. He recently auditioned for Big Brother! Team Lenny!

Rockefeller Center

Empire State Building - so fun and awesome! We picked a great day to go.

I wanted to go to this section of Central Park so badly! All I could describe was that it was in scenes from Maid in Manhattan and Enchanted. So beautiful!

And the food..... Carnegie Deli's fat sandwiches.

Buddakhan in the Meatpacking District - here is dessert - Almond Bread Pudding. Hans states it is the BEST thing we ate all weekend.

Buddakhan and some more goodies. These are the BEST - edamame dumplings and chile rock shrimp. O.M.G. I want some now.

Bouchon Bakery - heavenly!
We walked the Brookyn Bridge then through Chinatown and Little Italy. We hit Lombardi's for the best pizza I've ever had. So delish.

We saw Eric McCormack (Will and Grace - see below), John Larroquette, James Earl Jones, and Ricky Martin - all on Broadway right now. We also saw Carla from Top Chef!

Hans and I also went to see The Lion King at the Minskoff Theater. Hans has never seen it, and he loved it. I love how the animals come right through the crowd - so amazing.

Central Park self pic!

Trump Tower and his new motorcyle. Hans watched Paul Teutle build it on his show so he was excited to see it in person!

Cosmo in Trump's bar!

We also stopped in Serendipity and had a frozen hot chocolate! This sweet treat was one of the main things I wanted while in NYC. It was well worth it :)

I loved every second of our trip - even my sore calf muscles and blisters were worth it! Thanks to my awesome hubby for the memorable trip. I really appreciate you letting me act a fool when I saw all the famous people - especially still loving me after I chased after Ricky Martin's car. That's love, folks.

I can't wait to hit the Big Apple again soon!

G's Spring Break Fun!

Hans and I just got back from NYC, but no worries...this little guy had a GREAT time with Mi-Maw and Aunt Jill. Check out this delicious breakfast Aunt Jill made! YUM!

Our Spring Break also included some rodeo fun. We went with the Odells to see Zac Brown - great time!
My friend Laura and I also took the boys to the rodeo carnival. Caden and G had a blast! G remembered the horse ride from last year so we had to ride again!

Pretty awesome that he rode Lightning....McQueen, that is. :)


My little cowboy!

Driving around with Caden....


We also made our first trip to Build-A-Bear. We would like to introduce you to Buzz the penguin.

We all had lots of fun this past week. I'm grateful for all the fun adventures we had this spring break!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Strawberry Pickin'

We met the Singleton family at Froberg's Farm during the first part of our Spring Break. What a fun adventure - mud and all!

My little strawberry

Hangin' out with little Ellie

The first strawberry!

We had a great day picking berries and having a picnic with mommy's sweet friend and her 3 little ones (well, they are not so little anymore!). Always fun catching up - even though we were muddy when it was all said and done! Good times!