Monday, April 27, 2009


Griffin and Keaton -
outfits courtesy of Mi-Maw....

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baby Bear and Mama Bear

Sweet Baby Bear....
Is he cute or what??

And Mama Bear??
She is now a school counselor! On Friday, during my Teen Leadership class, the amazing group of counselors came to offer me a job on their team. I love that they came to see me in person and welcomed me right away! I am very excited for another way to reach out to students, but I am also scared of the new tasks at hand. But... I know I need the change!
Please say prayers as I begin my new adventure......

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Going on a lion hunt...

Griffin enjoyed his safari day at school today. They made these sweet little onesies for each child. He was still "talking" about it when he got home.
Check out his best lion ROAR :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What are you up to, Lil' G?

We celebrated Griffin's 6 month birthday on Monday with LOTS of kisses. I can't believe he is getting so big - where is the pause button??

Since I don't scrapbook, I use this blog to "journal" all of Griffin's latest accomplishments so.... what are you up to, Lil' G?

  • Your favorite things include your bouncer and your bath. Mommy and Daddy are entertained as you bounce and bounce and bounce away. You have some strong legs! When you hear the bath water, you pretty much JUMP out of my arms into the tub. You love to let the water drip over your head. It cracks you up!
  • You have officially started solids and can't get enough sweet potatoes, squash, and applesauce. Once in that high chair, it's go time!
  • You are the BEST sleeper. You wake up once a night to scream (happily), coo, and talk to yourself. That lasts about 15 minutes until you pass out again. Mommy and Daddy don't even need to get up to soothe you, big boy!
  • You are obviously the favorite at day care. Miss Kristy scoops you up as soon as you get there. The director told Mommy yesterday that you are just so good. You seem to look at all the babies crying and say, "Dude, this is fun... you are totally going to be okay." (Mommy needs to hear that too, so thanks!) Thank goodness you are laid-back like your Daddy!
  • You are CONSTANTLY smiling. It is a huge grin with those two little pearly whites peeking makes our days. When we have to wake you in the morning (which Mommy hates...), you still wake up grinning.
  • You love Mickey Mouse, Leap, and your monkey doll. Your eyes widen each time you see one of them (even though Mommy really dislikes Leap and his ABC song...UGH).
  • You love your little green paci - thanks to Aunt Jill for the tip. We have now found some under your crib and behind your changing table. We can't go anywhere without one.
  • You are the light of our lives, the biggest blessing. We thank God for you every night. Please stop growing because Mommy wants to cuddle with you forever.

**6 months pics to follow - our personal photographer is coming this weekend!!

Oh- and say a little prayer for our friend, Stellan. He is undergoing surgery today. See his story at My Charming Kids (on the blog list to the right....).

Saturday, April 18, 2009


This little one loves his bath....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Big boy!

Griffin's 6 month stats -
26.5 inches (1.5 inches in 2 months!)
18.5 lbs.
We had a great Easter, celebrating with Mi-Maw, Aunt Jill, Uncle Jason, and Cousin/BFF Keaton. Mi-Maw bought Lil' G a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal which he quickly tried to eat! We loved watching Keaton look for Easter eggs and trying to hug his cousin - too cute! In addition to trying to eat anything and everything, Lil' G LOVES his bathtime - as you can see!
He is fascinated by water....
This past weekend, I was once again reminded of how lucky we are to have such a miracle in our lives. Certain experiences we have been through just didn't seem fair, but with this guy, we know someone is up there looking out for us and blessing us daily.
Life is perfect!
During my blogging experience, I have found (or "stalked", as Hans would say) some pretty amazing moms and their stories. Please take time to say a prayer for the moms on my list - My Charming Kids (and baby Stellan), Kelly's Korner (and sweet Harper), and the Williams Family (gorgeous little Jonah). They have all made me want to be a better mom and person.

I love this stuff...

Yum - Mickey!

Happy Easter to all!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Family Project!

Every month, Griffin's school has a family project for us to complete. I have to admit, the first one had me stressed as I wanted his first "homework" assignment to be perfect. I have to say, it was pretty darn cute and is still hanging on the bulletin board outside his room. This month, we had to decorate a flower. I busted out the old crayons and had a great time (ahem...I mean, Griffin had a great time - I would NEVER do my child's homework:)) doing this family project!

I wuv my daddy!

Am I talented or what??

My finished project that I would now like to eat...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Catching up...

Here are some of our latest adventures!
My first rodeo!

My cousin, Gavin, and our matching outfits :)

Daddy and I in Stephenville!

My studly cousin, Gage!