Monday, April 30, 2012

Life Lately (through the iPhone)!

Getting himself dressed :)
 Hannah's birthday party!
 Zoo trip with the Odells!
 Everyone listening to Reed's zoo commentary!
 Too cute.
 Griffin's girlfriend (his words, not mine).
 Indoor bubbles (that kept him entertained for an hour!)
 Yogurt date with Daddy!
Griffin and Ryan leading the zoo tour!

Reuniting with Kiki after his trip to Disney World!
Next up....his new big boy room!

Friday, April 13, 2012

So long....

See that little green paci from long ago? Well, G has been attached to it for SO LONG. In the last year, he has only had it at night....

(And will you look at that little baby boy?? Where did he go???)

....and I have received NUMEROUS tips on how to get him off and how he was too old...and way too much unsolicited parenting advice about that darn paci....

We tried the Pacifier Fairy book (where the fairy comes to get your paci and leaves you a toy), we've cut off the name it, we did it.

And then there was this week...G woke up Monday with a low grade fever. Being the super paranoid mommy that I am, we took him to his doctor who said he had strep. That night, we talked with him about how the paci would make the boo boo in his throat worse so we were going to throw them away. And what do you know??

The pacis are trashed and my boy hasn't looked back.

And thanks to his short bout with strep as well. Who knew that would be such a blessing?

So long, little green paci!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Checking out my Easter loot from Mi-Maw!

The Easter bunny stopped at our house first and brought a soccer goal! Practicing for next fall....

Pop Rocks - score!

We also spent some of our weekend with the Moorads. Owen and Griffin played very well together. Thanks, Owen, for sharing your toys!

Owen's sweet mommy, Julianna. We met almost 17 years ago on our way to fish camp then we both pledged Pi Phi - the rest is history! Her and her husband, Scott, cooked a delicious dinner while the boys played themselves silly! Thanks, Moorad family - must do again soon!

Of course, we had to dye eggs - super hero style! I believe this is how the Incredible Hulk dyes eggs.

Happy Easter from Superman!

One final Easter cuddle with cousin,!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Crawfish Boil 2012

Here is the winner of who made it to the very end of our annual crawfish boil - he had SO much fun with his friends. The kids played until the last minute. Craziness but such a great time for all!

I finally got in on the last batch - spicy but gooooood!
The chef - I swear this day is like Christmas to him. He LOVES to cook for everyone, and he is mighty good at it! He may or may not have done an excited dance right before everyone got here....

Chef Hans

These poor little fellas became the entertainment for all the kids - they even went for a wagon ride around the backyard :)

Before the boil, our neighborhood had a little Easter egg hunt. We came home with way too many jelly beans.

Our neighbor, Gabby, had her birthday party on Friday night. G had a blast and really enjoyed his cake and ice cream! He has a sweet tooth like his mommy!

This party is the second we've been to at a local gymnastics place. G loves it so much that we are starting lessons there this summer!

Gabby and Griffin. He LOVES her. In fact, this conversation happened this weekend:

Griffin: Gabby, I love you.

Gabby: (giggles)

Griffin: Okay, now you say it to me.


What a FUN weekend! I love our annual crawfish boil, and I am so happy that so many of our friends and family were able to come. It might just be one of my favorite times of year too!