Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkins and Check-Ups!

We had our annual Pumpkin Carving Contest this weekend. I entered for the first time in a few years (since I'm usually chasing a busy toddler). And I'm proud to say I came in 3rd :)

An attempt at a family photo....

Oh look...Halley joined in :)

The winners!

All the entries...I loved the Texans, Mickey, and the Angry Bird!

Hans's brother (Tanner) had a baby girl on Friday so I made them King Ranch casserole to take over once they bring sweet Lexi home.

Griffin picked out a football to give her. I had to be close by because he wanted to see if she would catch it.

Uncle Hansie and his new niece! She was born on Tanner's birthday which is also their Dad's birthday. What a special blessing. I know Papa Charlie is celebrating in heaven.

Our little man had his 3 year check up this week. We went to a new pediatrician and LOVED her. She is from near my hometown AND an Aggie - double plus!

He weighed 34.5 lbs (78th percentile) and is 37 inches tall (40th percentile).

This big boy....or Buzz looking forward to getting some candy on Halloween!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Party Time!

We had a blast today at Griffin's 3rd birthday party! All his new toys are great - including his new racetrack from Mi-Maw!

And a monster truck from Kiki - score!


The Lightning McQueen cake was perfect!

His party was at a local jump place, and they had a blast! They even got to chase around G's Dad!

The rock wall was a big hit for the big boys. Kiki, G, and Keller were amazed!

Go Uncle Tanner!

Jump! Jump!

Hey Kiki!

Chasing Keller - his buddy from school!

Sliding with Daddy!

We had so much fun today! It was a bit chaotic, and I love my friends for coming and being so patient :) We are all lucky to have such wonderful people come celebrate our sweet boy!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Look Who's 3!

My sweet baby boy is THREE today! We picked him up early from school and took him to Toys R Us to pick out a gift (not sure this was the best idea considering he wanted a dinosaur, a shark, a train, a monster truck, and this car)!

Hans and I brought a cookie cake for G and his friends to share. Sweet Caden loved his cake :)
The birthday boy and his birthday crown!

His friends sang happy birthday to him! He loved it :)

The Toys R Us shopping spree did produce his very first big boy bike!

Lightning McQueen of course!

No worries...we did buy a helmet too, but he is not too brave yet to need it - soon though....

Daddy and G posing with their good buddies...oh wait, G spots another possible birthday gift!

We then hit G's favorite pizza spot for some good food and games!

And what's a birthday without a delicious piece of cake??

We had a great day with our big boy! Looking forward to his fun party this weekend.
Griffin Hardy Reed - you are a daily blessing to us, and we love you to the moon and back!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Boys/Girls Weekends!

Look who smiled in his school picture?? It's a first, and I LOVE it.

Daddy and Griffin hit the road to Stephenville this weekend for some outdoor fun. Papa John and cousin Gunner killed a hog, so my boys used it as a photo op. I love G making sure it's really dead.
If you know my child and his fear of dogs, this event is MONUMENTAL! He loves River and Yeller. We are making strides in the dog department :)

Here is Griffin and his cousin Gavin sharing some yellow boots :)

A trip to the Ville is not complete without a spin on the John Deere.

Little daredevil...

My sister and I headed to the Woodlands for a quick getaway and had a blast! Here is the view from our hotel. I HIGHLY recommend this area for some fun - great restaurants and amazing shopping all in walking distance!

This picture sums up our weekend - wine and eating! We enjoyed Hubbell and Hudson's for lunch, Jasper's for dinner, and Black Walnut Cafe for brunch. We even threw in a little Footloose before we headed home. I had a blast, and I am so glad my sister and I were able to spend some time together. I am ready to go again!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Random Fall Fun!

We have been enjoying our fall days - now if it would just cool off, that would be great! Griffin and I painted pumpkins. Griffin really painted himself :)

Still love these little legs....
The artist hard at work...

We then played hide and seek with Daddy. Hans and I crack up because G will hide then yell, "I'm right here, Dad. Come find me!"

I wonder where they are??

My aunt and uncle came in town so we got to spend time with them. Here is Bob hanging out with G and Kiki. Bob is my mom's youngest brother and one of G's namesakes. Griffin HARDY Reed - Mom's maiden name and Bob's last :) I love him and so do the boys. He is so good to my family and my mom.

G had some fun with cousin Gunar!

A fun wrestling match with 3 of the 4 grandsons! Love this so much!

I loved being with my family this past weekend and love all the fun activities ahead for this fall! We are also doing so well with the potty (I hope I didn't just jinx myself). Sweet boy gets up at night and asks to go potty! The other day, around 3 am, he was using the potty and said, "Mommy, are you just so proud of me?" MELT. MY. HEART.

Next up - this sweet pea's 3rd birthday! Lots of fun planned!