Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer fun...

Summer is going by so fast, and the bump is getting bigger! We are still pretty lazy around here as we prep for her arrival, but we have done a few outings...
I went with some Salyards buddies to see Wicked - my 3rd time! I love it so much! We had a great time :) 

G loves when his daddy comes home from work. He will look for him in the window and scream, "my favorite guy is home!"  Most days, they just hang out outside! One day I found them in the back of Daddy's truck listening to music and chatting away! 

Cypress Academy had one of their parents' day out - pirate theme! Here are the little pirates - G, Jackson, and Ryan!

Mi-Maw kept G one night so we could celebrate our 9th anniversary. She took him to the duck pond nearby - love the look on his face!

He also loves listening to Emmy hiccup! Can't wait until they meet in person - I have been dreaming of that day for a very long time!

We have been taking advantage of Kids Bowl Free - round 1 with AJ!

Round 2 with Joshua and Landon!

Happy 9th anniversary, Hans! Such a fun night that has turned into a fun and crazy life! Wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

Crazy fun with our friends!

We made a quick trip to the outlet mall where G hitched a ride with Spidey!

And thanks to Daddy for taking G on a trip to the zoo! We now have a membership because I plan to take the kids a lot now that I'm home. This time, I let the boys go so I could rest my little feet and big ol' belly!

They had a great time! Love these faces!

Going on 35 1/2 weeks - August 15 is the big day (if all goes according to plan!), and it can't get here fast enough!!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

This and that...

We are getting ready for baby girl and enjoying a LAZY summer! It is too hot for this big belly to do much. Luckily, big brother is such a trooper and goes with the flow!
We took G to a sibling class at our hospital. I couldn't help but tear up  that  this cool kid finally gets to have a sibling!

Proud of his new shirt!

He learned how to change a diaper and swaddle! He informed  us that he will only be getting the diapers, not changing them :) 

We also finished a week  of VBS at our church. He was hesitant at first, but he did well and enjoyed time with all his friends!

My mom and sister threw me a shower, and baby Emmy received all kinds of goodies!  My sister did a great job of putting many precious details into this day.  All of the guests could leave a note for Emmy and pin them on this board. I can't wait to hang this in her room!

Diaper cake courtesy of my mom - she's pretty talented!

Lemonade and margaritas were served as well. Love the little  pink chevron straws in the mason jars!

Delicious and beautiful cake, pink bath salts as favors, and a bow making station! The girl is set with bows :)

My hostesses - my sister, mom, and me!

My BFF Jenn has moved back to Texas! We celebrated my god daughter  Gracie's 2nd birthday!  I am  SO happy we will live in the same state - and most importantly - CITY! Jenn and family have been away for almost 9 years! Welcome home, Egans!

Nice throwback to middle school here - one of our many NKOTB concerts! Check out my Debbie Gibson hat - now that's HOT!

I had to find the throwback picture in celebration of our girls' night to see our boys once again! I have to say - Joey Joe  is still hot. He made this prego happy :) Here is Amy, Jenn, Page, and me!

More pics of shower and baby prep to come!