Thursday, November 6, 2014

Road Trippin'

Fall has kept us busy with some quick trips to see family and friends! Hans celebrated the 20th anniversary of his state football championship in Stephenville so the family tagged along! I think it's pretty cool because his coach is now the head coach at Baylor - Art Briles! While Art was a bit busy during this weekend, we enjoyed seeing old friends and reliving his glory days.

Reeds + Odells = BFF

Two little Stephenville Yellowjackets!

A plus to our trip - fun with cousin Gavin!

I married the kicker, and she married the quaterback - lucky us :)

Celebrating Daddy!

The guys were announced before the Stephenville game - pretty cool for the kids to see!

I love this picture - the man in the middle was one of their coaches then and still is coaching today! He gathered them all for a huddle - what cool memories for them!

She loved the crowd, the noise, and all the fun of Friday night lights!

Hans and I recently made a trip to College Station to see one of my former students and celebrate her Aggie ring! I had FUN in my old town - Aggieland is just too special! Congrats, Kendall! GIG 'EM!

Brittani and Cameron - more Aggies/former students. I cannot wait to attend this wedding one day!

Kendall's brother, Kyle - another Aggie!

I just adore these kids -  I am so proud of each of them and loved seeing them! If my kids are half as awesome as them, we are going to be in good shape!

Happy Fall, y'all!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy 6th birthday, G!

Griffin Hardy Reed turned SIX on October 20. How in the world is this possible?? I felt like 5 was so crazy, but now anything over that is NUTS. Time needs to slow it on down.

He started another season of soccer, and he is rockin' it as a Fightin' Falcon!

His sweet babysitter, Alexis, came to watch him play! He was pretty happy!

Things got a little crazy when his BFF Caden became an opponent. They were too cute and thank goodness they tied!

Hans is the coach - check out the huddle-bomber.

We celebrated the big SIX at a local laser tag place - what fun!!!

See how much fun?? Even mommy and daddy got in on the action, and guess who won? That's right - MOM. I had a blast and see a parents night out at LazerX coming soon!

When you're 6, you get super serious about your birthday party.

Hot Wheels theme - it was weird not to plan a super hero/ninja turtle party, but it's what he wanted this year!


Oh yes, and he specified BOYS ONLY this year. 

He's been eyeing this "real" light saber forever, so the birthday fairy brought him one!

The fam brought this big boy lunch at school too!

Griffin Hardy Reed -

There is no one like you. You are smart, spunky, social, hilarious, active, loving, busy, and just super entertaining! You are really loving to read to us, write in your journal (as you call it), and practice your math! I love seeing you love to learn! I'm pretty sure you will be an entertainer, politician, or lawyer in your later life due to your negotiating skills and gift of gab.

Love you, turkey legs! You made me a mommy, and I have loved every second since that October day in 2008. Happy 6th birthday! 

Catching up with Emmy...

Let's catch up with the little sister, shall we?? It's a little sad not to do the monthly updates with her little stickers, so I will just sum up what this crazy lady has been up to since she turned one...

First off, how come I am just learning this idea that the second child is a bit crazy?? I thought since I was having a girl, I would have a laid back little girl who would sit still and play with dolls. Oh my word was I wrong. She never sits still. Ever. The only time she doesn't move is when she sleeps. Home girl keeps me on my toes!!

But she is so darn cute. 

Update: Emmy still likes food. That is all. 

And don't ever open the door with her around. And if you do, go outside for a lengthy amount of time because she will explore as long as you let her. Check her out riding brother's scooter. 

Never turn your back. Not even for 1.2 seconds. 

Oh this face!

She also has decided to eat like a big girl, with a big girl plate, close to the big people table. No more high chair trays for this little lady.

And she has turned into quite the Daddy's girl! We talk to him quite a bit throughout the day, and she likes to scream at the phone "Hi, Da!" When he gets home, she will just randomly go up to him and say hi. She loves him lots. 

If she is not destroying the toilet paper in the bathroom or eating, she is on the window sill. All day, errr-day. 

Or you can find her sitting on the front porch waiting for her bubba to get off the bus. I need to video her when the bus arrives. You would think she won the lottery the way she screams his name and cracks up when he comes home. 

We turned her car seat around - it has made car rides a LITTLE easier. She just doesn't like to be confined AT. ALL. 

Some more tidbits about my Emmy Lou -

- she still takes two naps
- she loves her baby dolls, food, destroying things, throwing things, and being cute
- she says all kinds of things - her favorite is to tell everyone HI; she also says WOW, THANK YOU, BYE, EAT, MORE, ALL DONE, WAFFLE (her breakfast of choice), WATER, SNACK (as she screams at the pantry door), - she is great at repeating anything you say 
- she loves animals (oh and says ANIMALS too)
- she is just a busy lady....and I love being home with her!!!

EMERSON KATE REED - you rule! Love you, baby girl!