Sunday, February 28, 2010


Eight years ago today, I lost my Dad. This day is never fun. Heck, February is NEVER fun, but I have been trying to find some answers and find some peace. Over the last few weeks, some things have happened that have made me realize that my Dad IS truly with me and my family all the time. We have many things to be grateful for this year. This is my hero - my Dad. The one thing that makes me so sad is him not being able to take Griffin fishing - I really believe they would be going every weekend.

And then I think of this - his two youngest grandsons having the time of their lives. I also believe that both boys are healthy, happy kids because they have a special angel on their side. How lucky are they?

I am so happy my family came over today so we can think of February 28th in a good way.

Thank you, Dad. You gave me such an amazing life. We love you and miss you.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

We had a great weekend!

We went to my mom's to spend the day with her, my sister, and Keaton. The boys had so much fun - G loves his Kiki.

Griffin had so much fun with his Valentine's Day goodies - all Elmo! What else?? He loves him some Elmo!

We also went to a birthday party at the Children's Museum. G had a BLAST - we could barely keep up! He couldn't keep his attention on one thing long enough - there was so much to look at!

  • We also went for our 15-month check-up. How cute is this picture?? He looks so big I could just cry. He is so stinkin' sweet.
  • His stats - 28 lbs, 32 inches. Doc said he had a major growth spurt in his height - made me happy to know he has a chance at being tall. Hopefully, the height gene comes from his dad :)
  • What else is he up to at 15 months? TALKING! I really don't know where his vocabulary comes from. He says EVERYTHING you do and more. He loves listing all his friends in his class as well as his teachers. I love when he says, "Hi, Mommy." This morning, we stopped and got him a breakfast treat before school, and after I gave it to him, he said, "Yay, Mommy." Ugh - melt my heart.
I am really not sure what I did before him. I love this little guy so much :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sesame Street and the Super Bowl!

We have had a busy weekend!
We are rooting for the Saints - Mom says we have to root for our peeps in La.
Heck, I've already partied on Bourbon Street - remember this?

This is one of my ladies - wooing her over some mac and cheese. Hey girl....

My cool cousin Keaton and I went to see Sesame Street Live.
We had to chat about our thoughts over the show. Elmo, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster? We give it a thumbs up!
I couldn't keep my eyes of the show. I was soooo excited that I jumped up and down for one hour straight. All I could say was WOW and HI to all my friends down on the Street.

I don't know what next weekend will hold, but if it's as cool as this one - sign me up!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A breakfast treat....

My mommy and her friend Rebecca had a FUN training to attend today, so before they had to go, they took me and my buddy, Lil' Marvin, out to breakfast!
Chillin' at Panera with our muffies. YUM!
Yo, Lil' Marv, we should do this more often!