Saturday, November 27, 2010

Giving Thanks...

Right before we began our holiday, my Uncle Doug passed away. He is my Dad's older brother, and I wrote about him here. He passed away suddenly and while we know he had an amazing life full of adventure, we miss him. To me, he is another part of my Dad, and I hate that another physical part of him is gone. But, he made the long trip to see us this past summer, and I am beyond happy that he met Griffin. Uncle Doug, we love you very much. I know Dad was waiting for you, fishing pole in hand.

Once we returned from Louisiana, we then packed up and headed to Stephenville. It was COLD, but we had a blast. Grandma took us all on a safari - Griffin loved every second!

(I have NO idea what this is, but his face cracked me up.)

Now we are home and getting the house decorated for Christmas!
Please continue to give thanks everyday. Each day is a blessing!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kiki's Birthday

We jumped ourselves silly at Kiki's birthday!
Look at Mi-Maw at her four beautiful grandsons! Not everyone is looking, but we will take what we can get! Pop - aren't you so proud??

Melt my heart. Gunar - almost 14; Gage - almost 18

All four attempting a slide...

Let's go Kiki!

Sliding with Gunar. Griffin still says daily, "I go see Gunar race."
Happy 3rd birthday, Kiki! Boy do we love you. Thanks for a fun party!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sunday Funday!

We had such a fun Sunday! The weather was gorgeous so we played and played and played....
Then, we took it inside for some dinner and a little movie night. Gabby and Michael came over to eat and watch Toy Story 3! Griffin LOOOOOVES Gabby and Michael - our neighbors. He asks for them every day! He is also fans of their parents, Louis and Becky. So cute!!

Waving at all the neighbors that walked by...

Uncle Shane made me a stool for my birthday! I can step on it to brush my teeth or wash my hands. Or....
I can use it as a chair! Love it, Uncle Shane!!

And this perfect Sunday wouldn't have been complete without Toy Story 3!