Thursday, January 24, 2013

A little bit of everything....

Just a few photos of our 2013 so far! Any time spent with this sweet (and sometimes stubborn :) ) little boy is an adventure!

New shoes for the little man!

His favorite treat...

Daddy's shop is underway so this large tractor will be in our yard for a while. Yay. 

Rockin' out!
My cousin Stacy and her husband, Hab, came in town for the Houston Marathon (Go Hab!) so we made a trip to Mi-Maw's to see them. The boys had fun building things!

Tricked Mr. Picky into a "Hulk" smoothie - milk, ice, Greek Yogurt, bananas, teaspoon of vanilla, and a handful of spinach - he loved it. In fact, I made him a strawberry one later, and he told me he only drinks the green ones. SCORE!

For being a good boy, his treat was to sleep with me one night. I'll take that happy face anytime!
Tractor is moving!

Why it takes so long to get ready sometimes....

My little astronaut...
Love my sweet boy....

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year!

2013 has been fun so far:

We went to a nye party with Lori, Ivonne, and families...nice and low-key! G wasn't a fan of the fireworks, but he did like the glow bracelets! I even got a kiss from my love bug!

We've been lazy for the last part of the break - and enjoying every second! Well, except for car wrecks and such! All is well now :)

The Aggies made us proud once again as did the Texans! Dad and I were able to attend the first Texans playoff game - so much fun!

And I got to see my sweet god daughter Gracie! Isn't she the sweetest? Her mom, my BFF, and family have been in town from Indiana. Loved seeing them!!

Happy New Year to all!