Thursday, December 29, 2011

Museum Trip!

Since we are on a dinosaur kick (see his new dinos eating breakfast with him), we took a trip to the museum! It was a fun morning for Griffin and our neighbors who came with us. I did spend quite a bit of time repeating these phrases: "pay attention," "don't touch that," and "be careful." Such is the life of a VERY BUSY little boy.

Most of my pictures are of the back of his head. Kid DOES NOT stop moving. EVER.

How about these tired faces?? Think they wore themselves right out.

The Butterfly Exhibit was my favorite. You walked in and were surrounded by butterflies. Of course, we had to try and catch some.

My busy boy and his butterfly guide to help identify the different ones.

A little play area inside the butterfly experience.


The flying dinosaur - I just asked G what this one is called. I can't even repeat or spell what he said. I know that he is right though. Smart little dude.

Reading up on his dinosaur knowledge :)

Whoa. T-Rex.

Happy Holidays from Gabby and Michael!

Happy Holidays from Dino G!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011 (Part II)

Here are some more pictures of our fun holiday at Mom's. I think we ate for most of our time there :) Here we are enjoying Mom's gumbo and other goodies!

Griffin and Kiki also made Jesus a birthday cake!

And here is our Christmas morning....trying out his new tent...

....crusing in his new ride....

...opening his presents in the bed of his truck....

....checking out his new books....

....getting the goodies out of his stocking....

....opening some cars....

MIGUEL CAMINO (the last race car from Cars 2)

His loot - thanks, Santa!

....and eating some more....

We had an amazing Christmas! I am so lucky for the awesome family I have. The boys had a blast, and I loved being with everyone. Merry Christmas from the Reeds!

Christmas 2011 (Part I)

Christmas 2011 was probably my most favorite holiday so far. Griffin really understood what it was all about, and he had so much fun with his cousins. Of course, my mom worked so hard to make it memorable for all of us.

Here are the best pictures we could get of the four grandsons.

My favorite people.

And the unwrapping begins...

Mom was SO excited about her new purse. So fancy!

And even MORE excited that we are going to watch the Aggies play on New Years Eve!

Griffin loves his new shirt - all his favorite Cars characters!

New hats from Mi-Maw!

Gage was so excited about his new camera!

It was a dinosaur Christmas for Griffin! My brother bought him a ton. We now have a dinosaur village upstairs in the playroom. He is becoming quite the dinosaur expert (thanks, Dino Dan!).

More to come...Christmas Eve was just the beginning!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pajama Playdate 2011

Griffin and I had our friends over to celebrate Christmas! Look - even Santa came! I'd post the video, but I feel pretty bad about how traumatized G was! He kept asking for his Daddy...little did he know Daddy was closer than he thought :)

The goodies - Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls, sausage balls, mini kolaches, and mini quiches. We also had a little coffee station for the mommies :)
Preztel Santa hats for the kids to take home!

Watching Smurfs!

Coloring Santa and reindeer pictures!

Prepping for Santa's visit!

Much needed coffee!

His new PJs - thanks, Mi-Maw!

We had a great time with our friends! Thanks for coming and making it so fun each year. Note to mommy: we are still not ready for Santa.