Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A little conversation...

Every night before bed, we say our prayers while we rock for a bit. The prayers then usually turn into a little conversation. Here is what we talked about last night:

Me: God bless Mi-Maw. And who else?
G: Jill and Kiki and Buster (Mi-Maw's new cat)
Me: and Dada and Jason?
G: Mommy, are you a big girl?
Me: Yes.
G: Mommy, are you Kim?
Me: Yes.
G: Mommy Hardy Reed

I was cracking up. I told this to my mom and sister who said I needed to make sure I document this kind of cuteness - so here you go. He now can say his whole name - Griffin Hardy Reed. So, now I'm Mommy Hardy Reed.

It's so cute. I just can't stand it.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


We have had a very busy weekend celebrating many exciting events with our friends and family. I was able to spend some time with some dear friends/sorority sisters this weekend as we celebrated Rou's baby shower for sweet Chandler. Some of us were able to meet at Benjy's on Friday for some wine then again for the shower on Saturday. I loved seeing them, and I am so happy for Rou! (and see Mandy on the far right?? She is pregnant with her second set of twins!)

MY BIG SIS! I loved seeing Amy - we can always pick up right where we left off, and I can't wait until we can get our boys together. We had to show everyone how sweet a Pi Phi angel can be :)
We would also like to say CONGRATULATIONS to Tanner and Anna. Tanner, Hans's youngest brother, married Anna on Saturday, and we are so happy to have her join the family. Anna's son, Jake, is one of Griffin's most favorite people. In fact, G ran up to Jake, put his arm around him and said, "Mommy, Jake's my buddy." Too sweet.

Wedding cake, oh how I love thee...
Griffin had a blast with his cousin Gavin this weekend. He wasn't too happy to see him leave. They are about 2 1/2 months apart - presh.
The most powerful event of the weekend was seeing my friend Ivonne and her family dedicate their new home. Anthony, her husband, was injured in Iraq in 2007, and they have been living in Tampa receiving care since then. They are now home in Houston, and we are so happy to have them close. An organization called Homes for Our Troops built the home for them. I am so in awe of Ivonne and love that Griffin and AJ can now become close friends. The ceremony was moving as you can see by the number of people who came out to show their love for the Thompson family.

Here is Jack saluting Anthony - Jack is my dear friend Nancy's little boy. Just sweetness.

I loved seeing old friends/family this weekend. What sweet blessings...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Proud to be an AGGIE!

Daddy and I went to root for the Aggies at the Cotton Bowl (well, it took Daddy a little bit before we got him to say GIG 'EM), and Griffin went to spend the night with Mi-Maw. My sister sent me these photos to let me know all was well.
Here is G and Kiki wrestling. Good times.

They are CRAZY. They also pulled every. single. wipe. out of the container. My sister found wipes all over the living room. Good times, once again.
No GUNS UP here! GIG EM!
(But look who is FINALLY wearing maroon)

Despite the loss, it was AMAZING to be there. So proud of our Ags this season.

The Onhaizers - our buddies! If weren't talking football, we were talking about Brax and G!

An awesome stadium! So glad we got to go!

We had a great time! Thanks to my mom for keeping our sweet G.
So far, 2011 is a BLAST!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fun Finish to 2010!

We enjoyed the remaining days of our holiday. We spent the day at the Houston Children's Museum with Drake and Aunt Lori. What a great time!

Griffin loved these little baby chicks. He wanted to kiss them. Sweetness.

Learning how to use the abacus. Smart boy. (Note the shirt change. Someone had WAY too much fun playing in the water exhibits. And me being SUCH the good mommy, did not have a back-up shirt. Here is where Aunt Lori saved the day. Thanks, Lori Kay!)

We also ventured out to Santa's Wonderland to see the lights. Jill, Jason, and Kiki went with us. We loved all the bright lights, and it was a nice way to end the holiday season.

And to include some tidbits on the munchkin for memory purposes:

  • On his 2 year check-up, he weighed 30.5 lbs(78 percentile) and is now 35 inches tall (75%).

  • This boy can TALK. Wow. We are amazed at all he says. I love our little conversations.

  • He can count to 14. :)

  • He knows his ABCs.

  • He loves "Hey Soul Sister" by Train, and "Baby" by Justin Bieber.

  • He is about to move into the Toddler 2 room at school. Hello potty training!

  • He loves any movie involving Cars, Nemo, Simba, Shrek, Woody and Buzz, and the Polar Express.

  • If he is outside, he's happy.

  • He loves garbage trucks, tractors, dump trucks, Fed Ex trucks, and school buses.

  • He's so darn cute. I just can't stand it.

Griffin - thank you for making my life so special. We love you to the moon and back!

In Conclusion...

I am so sad to see 2010 go. Isn't that weird?? I got a little teary-eyed last night because it went by WAY too fast. Suddenly, my baby is a big boy (and he will tell you that!). I do love this talkative and curious stage he is in, but I just hate how fast it all goes. Plus, January and February are just not my favorite - it will be 9 years in February that we lost my Dad. One step closer to step away from my last time seeing him. Bleh.

So what now??

I will take a deep breath and move on with 2011, no matter how reluctant I am. I will enjoy every second with this little monkey. I will tell him everyday how loved he is. I will let my hubby know he is appreciated because he is such a great daddy, hubs, and friend. I will look for new opportunities for me with my career. I will be a better friend. I will try and be healthier. I will try and spend all my free time with my family. More than anything, I will learn more about my faith and continuously thank God for my many blessings and for allowing silly ol' me to be this sweet baby boy's mommy.

Bring it on, 2011.

So far, in 2011, we ate lunch at Potbelly's. Definitely my new favorite sandwich. G ate all of his and then wondered where it went.

We went on a little hike.

We watched some kids ride their bikes and thought it was the coolest thing ever.

We made Dada slide with us - over and over.

I am feeling better now. I think I like 2011 a little more after a fun day with the family.

Dear God, thank you for my many blessings - especially for my family, dear friends, and health. I pray that we all have a prosperous and happy 2011.