Friday, May 31, 2013

Preparing for Summer!

First, let me say I need to invest in a nice camera. I take all my pictures on my phone, and they are coming out a bit blurry. I need to get on that before baby girl gets here!
We have been enjoying our pool a great deal! This little fish is finishing his 3rd summer of swim lessons, and he is doing so great! Pretty soon, I bet these floaties are gone! 


Kiki also graduated from Pre-K and is preparing for Kindergarten. Where does the time go?? I remember waiting and waiting and waiting for him to make his arrival almost 6 years ago. These boys are precious together (well, except when they tattle or fight over a toy) :)

Mom and I took a road trip to Austin to see her boyfriend, Paul McCartney. I have to say, this man can put on a show! He sang for 4 hours! Mom rocked out the whole time, and my prego self tried to keep up. I love how happy she was!

Our Memorial Weekend also included a movie trip with Caden. The boys loved Epic and spending time together. Love these two boys! They are such sweet friends.

We also made a trip to see AJ and his sweet family this weekend. Again, we practiced our swimming skills. AJ also starts Kindergarten this fall. He is a smart, sweet boy. And his mom rocks too. We had a great time catching up. Love you, Ivie!

Daddy returned home from his annual Memorial Day camping trip with his high school buddies (13th annual!), and we had a family breakfast at a new place by us. Two thumbs up! We will be going back!

Then, Caden came over to swim :) His mommy is about to have her 2nd boy. Once again, our babies will be months apart. Colby and Emmy forever :)

Speaking of sweet Emmy, the boys painted her room this weekend too. I can't wait for her bedding to come in! I still can't believe there will be pink in this house!!!!

Shopping....I can't stop.

I am so excited that our summer is going to be extended - if you have tips for a new stay at home mom, let me know!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

We had a great Mother's Day weekend. My sweet friend, Laura, is having a baby boy in June so I threw her a little shower. To thank me, she gave me this precious outfit for baby girl. The ruffles!!! 
 Jill and I took the boys and our mom to a nice brunch for Mother's Day. G loved the cupcake station, and we ate quite a bit!

While we were gone, Daddy rearranged the house to get ready for baby! We are making some changes so he got started to surprise me! Next up, we are going to paint the nursery and set it all up - I've already purchased everything :) Here is G's new play room (previously the office)!

Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

iPhone photo dump :)

I take oh-so-many photos on my phone - mostly of this sweet cutie pie! Here is what we've been up to lately...

Daddy built G a sandbox! Poor confused kid in a house divided :)

Someone found the gummy bears ... for breakfast!

We went to Dallas to see my college friend/Pi Phi sister get married. Luckily, one of my lifelong friends was coming to Houston so we met at Buccee's for a quick hello :)

Congrats, Emily!! Loved hanging out with all my sweet friends!

There was a photo booth - and we liked it A LOT!

My sister kept G, and she sent this pic to me - apparently, this is his "worried face."

We finished a fun season of soccer - how cute is he?? Yes, his shorts were a bit long :)

Soccer was even better with Brayden there too!

We had a great support system at his last game - thanks to Mi-Maw, Jill, Kiki, and the Odells for cheering him on! He loved it and loved his new medal!

We took some sweet treats to Uncle Tanner and his friends at the fire station. We wanted to show our appreciation for all their hard work! It was fun to check out the trucks!

Our church had their annual spring festival, so we took Kiki and G with us and had a blast! 

While Daddy went to Seattle for work, Mi-Maw came to the rescue to help out this prego mama! G spent the night with her - on her birthday too! What a sweet present for the greatest grandma/mom ever!
Saturday morning was spent at Kiki's soccer game! Great game, Keaton John!!

Lunch with this love bug - the two Gs! Griffin and Graham :)

A quick car wash trip turned into a photo op with a real race car!

If I had this munchkin's energy, I could do A LOT in a day. This super hero pic was taken about 7:15 am. He's my hero!

One final photo - G in action on the soccer field! SOCCER STUD!

Countdown to June 11 - my last day! I am "retiring" for a bit to be with my babies!
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