Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Start of Summer!

We are welcoming summer with a few new additions to our family :)
These are the sweet baby birds that were born above our porch. Telling them good morning and good night is a necessity. G has named them Tweet and Tweet. Creative kid, I know.
While Daddy was gone camping, we spent this past weekend in Humble. Here is big cousin Gage getting attacked by Kiki and Fiffin (what K calls G). I was also part of their wrestlemania when they double-head butted me - my fat lip is awesome.

Aunt Jill made Kiki and Fiffin some "ants on a log." G licked the peanut butter clear off the cracker. Smart kid!

We have also spent many evenings on our porch. Here is G with his first popsicle. Bathtime occurred right after this photo.

While Daddy was away in Alabama (praying for an end to the oil spill), we spent a lot of time with Uncle Jason and Kiki. Here G gets in some swingin' at J's parents in Cut n' Shoot. Fun times!

I recently made our blog into a book at G loves to sit quietly and flip through it. He looks so intensely at all the pictures. What a great idea!

We are about to bid farewell to a GREAT year at school. I can't speak highly enough of his teachers. This kid is SMART. He talks constantly, now counts to 8 (for some reason, he says "no more" when we get to 9 and 10 :)), and is getting through most of his ABCs.

In my world, I am about to close the door (gladly) on my first year of counseling. I do like it more than teaching (A LOT more), and I have learned a great deal. BUT - it is time for a break. One thing I will miss is my dear friend, Lindsey (to my right). She has been the most amazing part of my job - we taught together for 5 years and she makes my coffee every morning! I wish her luck and blessings as she retires to her new home in Austin.

In other G news, we had his 18 month check-up (a while ago, but I am behind):
29 lbs (81 percentile)
32.5 inches (57 percentile)
I need to post a video of my talker - he is very polite with his "please" and "thank you." He also tells everyone hi and asks "how are you?" He knows his colors and still screams with glee everytime we pass a school bus, big truck, or airplane.
We have a lot planned for our short little summer. And, I plan to enjoy every second!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day with the Astros...

We had an amazing time at Griffin and Keaton's first Astros game!
Uncle J getting some love from the boys!
Yep, we definitely have some crazy boys on our hands!

"Hi, Mommy - how are you?" G's new favorite thing to say!
Look at that sweet face! I mean, seriously. Cuteness.

Hi, Kiki!!

Thanks to my hubby for Saturday "off." I went to the spa and shopped! YAY!

A great game - 'Stros win!

Griffin loved it and he was so good! He wasn't too sure when Lance Berkman hit a homer, and everyone yelled. It got kinda crazy!
The two cousins loving the game!

Future baller....

Man, when is it MY turn??
Mommy's all time favorite - BIGGIO!

We had a GREAT day! I don't want this weekend to end.
Happy Mother's Day to all - especially to my mom, my sis, sis-in-law, and my beautiful Maw-Maws in heaven! I wouldn't be the mom I am today without all of them :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Blueberries and more!

If Griffin could eat one food group for the rest of his life, it would be fruit.
Lately, his favorite has been frozen blueberries. He finds his bowl and sits sweetly on the ground, waiting for his frozen treat.

More berries for this sweet pea!
Then, Aunt Amy, Will, and Connor came to visit.
Will and Griffin liked riding in the car!
(here, G is trying to be a bully...his latest trick)

Last weekend, we took Mi-Maw to get a burger for her birthday. Man, does he love her.

I do, too! Happy Birthday, Mom!