Monday, January 19, 2009

3 months!

So happy!
Precious baby boy!

We can't believe Griffin has reached the 3 month mark! He is so big and so sweet. We have survived our first two weeks at day care, and we have been told (even though no one will confirm or deny) that he is a favorite in his class. When I drop him off each morning, his teacher sings to him and calls him her little "Chiquita." It makes me feel good to see him loved so much there. One day, I even caught the director sneaking into his class just so she could hold him. We love that!!

My sister came over this past Sunday to take some new pics of the little man. She got many precious ones, so I had to post one here. He was a great little subject - smiling at any chance he could get! More pics to come.....

Friday, January 2, 2009


Before Christmas even arrived, we celebrated a big event - my graduation from grad school! I still have some intern hours to finish (due to a certain little guy's arrival!), but nevertheless, the big stuff is over!

We also enjoyed our annual Humble Christmas! We try each year to get together and catch up. My besties came from San Antonio and Nashville - it was SO awesome to see them! We each had a baby boy this year. Amanda even had Tucker the same day as Griffin :)

This year, we celebrated Christmas at our house. The whole clan came over, and Mi-Maw was so happy to have all four grandsons in one place! I loved every second of having them over to celebrate the holiday. Now that it's over, I have to prepare for Griffin's first day of day care on Jan. 5th. I am NOT looking forward to it, so please say prayers that he will have a good time, and I won't cry too hard!

Above all, we are truly blessed to have the family and friends that we do. Thank you for making 2008 so special. The Reed family wishes you a HAPPY 2009!
Griffin's new gun from Pop - thanks, Uncle Doug for saving it!

iPood - and I did right after this pic!

Happy Holidays to me!!

Our family!

Griffin and Tucker

BFFs - Jenn, Kim, Amy, and Amanda

Graduation with my little family!