Monday, June 27, 2011

NKOTBSB and a movie!

Griffin and I BOTH had a great weekend! Here is he is making the moves on Gabby at the drive-in. Guess he already knows how he's going to woo the ladies on his future dates. Oh joy.

Cars 2 at Showboat Drive-In

Griffin may have been pumped about Mater and McQueen, but Mommy and Aunt Jill were so excited to see NKOTBSB. I bought tickets for my sister's birthday, but she was the one who ended up surprising me! She started walking us to the floor seats, and I panicked. We couldn't go down there without legit floor tickets, but she told me to not to worry - SURPRISE - she had some. Here are our pics from 4th row!!!!

I'll be loving you forever....

Uh uh oh, she's my cover girl.....

Hey Nick Carter...

And then, just as precious as he was back in my teens....Joey Joe McIntyre. Please don't go, girl....

I mean, really. I love him.

Yo, Donnie.


Funny but true story....I remember so vividly seeing a picture of Joey Joe and his wife after they had their first child. His name was Griffin Thomas. I had never heard the name before and really liked it. Then, it came up again when I got pregnant and found out I was having a boy. So....I guess you could say my child is named after his. Hans doesn't like me to share that with many people - ha! I tried to share it with Joe on Saturday, but he didn't seem to hear me :) What a fun weekend. Thanks to my sister for the greatest surprise. It felt like 7th grade all over again.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer's Here!

Summer has finally arrived, and boy do we need it! We are starting with some swim lessons from sweet Ashlynn. She was so great with him! Here he is about to JUMP!

Looking for rings....
Kicking those sweet little legs....

Splashing the water....

We also went to see the Thompson family. G loved playing with AJ since they both love tractors, motorcycles, trucks, airplanes, and cars.

Our "free time" is spent with our little neighbor Gabby. They have so much fun together.

We also made Dad his father's day present. It's for his shop - the boxes can hold his nails, screws, and whatever else is important to have in a shop. His initials are on the boxes. Plus, if he looks inside now, he may find some gift cards to his favorite places :)

Someone LOVED painting these for his Daddy.

I pray summer goes slowly. We are looking forward to trips to Stephenville, a weekend with Kiki and Mi-Maw (while Mommy and Daddy go on a vacay!), more swim lessons, and.....CARS 2! One more week, and we are READY! KA-CHOW!