Monday, January 23, 2012

Having fun....

We are on the go this month and enjoying every second! One of our favorite babysitters was in town for the end of the holiday so we went to eat with her and sweet family. G LOVES Kendall (I do, too!) She is so sweet with him!

We made our first trip (and not our last!) to Menchie's. Love me some sweet kisses!
We played hide and go seek - look who I found in the tree!

Someone got a haircut and stayed VERY still. I was pretty impressed since he never stays still for long!

We also made a trip out to Humble to celebrate Graham's 2nd birthday! Here is the sweet birthday boy - is he cute or what??

Hot dogs with AJ!

My sweet friends. I've said it before, and I'll say it again...I am so BLESSED to be close with my friends from high school. I love laughing with them, having our kids play together, and catching up like we've never been apart. I love you Lori, Amanda, and Ivonne!

Monday, January 9, 2012

What's up, 2012!

We are having fun so far in 2012! Santa brought Keaton a trampoline so we went to jump on it this weekend. I even jumped for a bit with the boys - I had a blast! They were cracking up!

We also started another year of Dinner Club - this weekend was at the Odell's where we ate some yummy spaghetti and watched the Texans win! The Sauceda sisters were all about taking a picture; the boys...not so much.

We also spent our last day of the break with the Onhaizers at the zoo! The train ride was a hit!

Best buds - Braxton and Griffin

Our attempts for a monkey picture.....

HAPPY 2012!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Christmas Card

My sweet friend, Rebecca Read, did our Christmas cards this year. Love them!



The End of 2011

The Reed family enjoyed 2011 - especially with this busy little guy!


Hans and I were able to have a nice dinner out this NYE. We had a great time and ate a great deal of food :)

We came home and lit up the fire pit that Hans made while we watched some fireworks from the backyard.

But first, my mom and I went to the Aggie bowl game. We had so much fun, and I am glad we were able to spend this time together. I love watching Mom get just as excited as I do about the best school EVER.

I love this picture.

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is seeing all my dear friends from way back when! This past Friday, I was able to head to Humble and spend time with a wonderful group of girls. Here is a picture of Rani, me, and Heather. Beautiful girls!

And I'm pretty sure I wouldn't function without Ivonne and Lori. They make me LAUGH - such amazing friends.

Since the Egans were in town from Indiana, we had them and the Armstrongs over for pizza and fun with the kids. I love telling old stories and still cracking up with these folks. BFF - for sure.

2011 has brought many new memories, and we look forward to the blessings 2012 has in store!