Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Updates #2

We finished another summer of swim lessons with Miss Ashlynn and what a difference a year makes! He did so great this year - jumping in, kicking, and even putting his little face under water! We are so thankful for Ashlynn and will see her again next summer!
We took our swimming skills to Noah's Ark with Caden. It was our 2nd trip this summer - he loves it!

 We packed and packed and packed. Moving day coming soon!
 One of our favorite summer activities has been a trip to the library followed by a lunch date. Sweet boy!
 We have also made great strides in our fear of live characters! He actually got this close to Spidey!
 His gymnastics place had a parents day out - with a pirate theme! Kiki and G had an absolute blast. They walked the plank, looked for gold, and had sword fights. What more could a little boy want??
Walking the plank at the end - his first time to do a "show." I may have cried. Just a little. :)
Off to pack...moving is FUN!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Out with the old.... with the new (house, that is)! More pics to come when we officially move in this Friday!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


We had an awesome time celebrating the marriage of my longtime friend, Jason! Love these guys - best buds of mine for a LONG time.  We always have so much fun - perhaps a little too much!
First dance for Jenn and Skaife!

 How beautiful is this mother of the groom?? Love Ms. Kathy!
 My BFF's mom, Sheryl, me, and my gorgeous mommy!
 Sassy Stacy! (and also the nurse who delivered G!)
 Loved the reunion with these guys (bad picture)! Oh the memories and the trouble we got into - we were cracking up at all the crazy things we use to do.... (Dwayne, JT, Tudman, Wags, and Fin)
Photobooth fun!

 Inside joke about what he's doing in this picture! Fun fact - Hans and my first date was to Fin's wedding (that night has many stories in itself!), and after that crazy night, I knew Hans was the one :) If he could put up with our crazy antics, he could do just about anything!
 Don't let Tuddy's face fool you - we had a blast! (JT and Rainwater jumped in this pic!)
 Hieeeeeee! Dwayne has been my BFF as long as I can remember (sorry...I call all my Humble buds my BFFs - I just love them all and they really ARE the best). He's been there for the 2 hardest times of my life. Always fun to hang with him!
Dwayne's beautiful wife, Sara!

I LOVE my life right now...but, I have to say that the times I spent with these folks (during our summers home from college especially!) were some of the greatest memories I have. I may say this a lot, but I am so blessed to still have my best friends from my childhood and beyond. I can't wait for the next time we get together....I probably need to rest up before we do it again :)

Congrats, Skaife! Love you and I am so happy for you! Wonderful night!

Solo Traveler!

Griffin took a solo trip to Stephenville last week! He had a great time with Granny, Gunner, Papa John, Matt, Hilary, and most of all, Gavin! Double Batmans!
 They even got to go see Spiderman...
 And check out the cows with his cousins and Papa John...
 Daddy and I had a couple of date nights - we celebrated our 8th anniverary a week early by going to Brenner's On The Bayou! YUM!
Then, my sweet bubba returned home happy and tired! I am so happy we all survived his first solo trip to the Ville! Thanks to everyone for loving on him and showing him a good time!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer updates...

We are loving summer, and once again, it is going too quickly! First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Uncle Doug! Griffin was able to take him to lunch, and Uncle Doug bought G a dinosaur :)

 We have been enjoying gymnastics! Griffin's little friend, Keller Caldwell, goes with us each Monday. They are so cute!

 On July 4th, we rode in our neighborhood's bike parade! Hi, Daddy!
 Caden Carr took a spin with us!
 After some yummy BBQ by Daddy, we watched fireworks with Braxton. Happy birthday, America!
 After a year and half of searching, we finally found our new home! We move in a couple weeks (STRESS) so G wanted to make a picture for his new playroom. It was messy fun!

I am trusting God will bless us in the new house just as he did in our first home...I am so excited (we have a pool!), but I am not sure timing is so great - I start my new job in 4 weeks! Prayers all goes smoothly!
Happy Summer, all!