Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Perfect Tree

Here is the end result of our fun day at the Christmas tree farm! There are a few things I want to add, but I am so happy overall! Merry Christmas from the Reeds!

The biggest hit at the farm was the train - not the tree! We rode it twice and may have thrown a fit when we couldn't go for a third spin.
We found the perfect one!

Farmer Hans cutting it down! I am so glad he is rugged and outdoorsy - complete opposite of me! :)

And the train ride..... ....and the other train ride!

Our home is complete for the holidays! Three weeks until we are off again!

Thanksgiving 2011

We had a great time in Stephenville with the Reed clan. Granny took us to Dino World to see some dinosaurs and do a fossil dig!

Cousin Gavin made Griffin a huge fan of dinosaurs and the show Dino Dan. Thanks, Gav!

Riding the mule with Mommy!


Still digging!

Turkey coma!Grubbin' with Gavin!

And look! I love dogs now! Griffin played with Paisley, River, and Yeller the whole time we were there and LOVED it. Maybe our fear has been conquered!

Kiki also came over during our week off, and we made turkeys!

And Griffin shared his new Cars stickers!

We hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving! We are giving thanks for all the joy in our life!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Taking it easy...

We have had a nice family weekend - not doing much of anything. Here is a Pinterest project I finally was able to complete - art wall for G's masterpieces :) I hope to remember to change up his artwork every now and then!

We fed the ducks/fish and went for a long walk....
Listening to his tunes...

I also hung up some canvases my sister did for me. Look at that sweet boy!

We also called Santa to let him know we are getting ready for Xmas!

Looking forward to a week off from the rush!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Kiki is 4!

G's sweet cousin, Kiki, turned 4! We celebrated with a jumping party, a trip to Chuy's, and a sleepover (bless my sweet sister!). The boys HAD A BLAST!

So happy AJ came to play!

Kiki's collection of monster trucks - he's going for the whole set of 80!

Possibly my favorite picture of all time - my sweet mom and her grandbaby :)

And the two SWEETEST boys! They LOVE each other. Kiki told my sister all week that all he wanted for his birthday was for Griffin to spend the night.

Grubbin' at Kiki's casa!

G ordering Kiki to drink the "coffee" he made him :)

A little pink milk and a movie!

My sister braved a trip to Target with these two little boys - by herself. Bless. Her.

Some of the great conversations that happened over the weekend:

Keaton: "Griffin, I've been waiting all day for you...give me a hug."


Keaton: "Mom, I have a brother. You want to know his name? It's Griffin."


After getting in a little tiff:

Keaton: "Hey Griffin, I didn't mean that earlier. I'm sorry."

Griffin: "That's okay, Kiki."


Keaton: "Mommy, I picked up for you."

Jill: "Thank you, baby, I love you."

Griffin: "I love you too, Aunt Jill."


Love these boys! Thanks to my sister for taking G for the night. To sweet Kiki - I'm so glad G has you! Happy birthday, buddy!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond! (times 2!)

We went to Griffin's Fall Festival this weekend and got to wear our costume again! And look....G's good buddy, Keller, was Buzz too!

A little conversation between the Buzzes and Scooby (Braxton)!

Good times with good buddies!

Dewberry Farms 2011

We had a great time at Dewberry Farms! I love this place - so much to do with the kids. We went with Aunt Hilary, Uncle Matt, cousins Gavin and Gunner as well as Chad and BFF Braxton! Afterwards, we decided to try out the new Gringo's in our area - YUM!

I cracked up at them on this giant slide. They were going SO SLOW! They went up and down about 5 times!

And this "train" was a hit too! Here are Gunner and Griffin going for a ride!


Rope swing in the hay!


Another popular attraction - the pony ride!

Chad and Braxton!

They played so well together and had a blast!

Playing in the corn!

Such a great day with family and good friends! We plan on returning to the farm to chop down our first real Christmas tree! I love the holidays!