Sunday, July 25, 2010

Corpus Christi!

We went on a trip to the beach with Aunt Jill, Uncle Jason, and Kiki. We had a BLAST!
First stop - the aquarium!
Let's go, Kiki!
Did you see that BIG fish??
Sweaty boys in matching Cars shirts - what else? Thanks, Mi-Maw!
Oh, and then we watched Cars.
Next stop - shopping, eating, and exploring!
This is how we take our pics now. "Move back, Mama."

Kiki, let's hug it out.
YUMMMMY - a slushy!

Here, he decides to look at the camera. I'll take it.
I almost hate to document this, but it will go down in our injury list - a jellyfish sting!
Definitely hurt Mama more than this tough guy. Boy, did my heart break :(

YESSSSS! Another semi-good shot of him looking at the camera. SCORE.
Finally, some swimming...chicken fight with Kiki!

My sis took some good pics of us on the beach. I was too traumatized to want to recall our last day on the beach. Poor sweet boy. But, he sure did MUCH better than I did.
We are EXHAUSTED, but we had a great trip! Summer is coming to a close...
what a memorable one it's been!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


We have spent most of our summer days with this guy...
We love our BFF, Braxton!
Here are the two crazy kids at Noah's Ark pool and play area. What a GREAT place for the kiddos! We will be returning a few more times before summer ends!
Both boys were so brave and did so well - this nervous mom even let loose a bit and let G slide all by himself. A good nap followed :) the slide!

The dudes looking for trouble....

Then, it was time for B's 2nd birthday party. Thanks to B, we are now huge fans of Cars. He even had a McQueen cake!

Then, we helped B test out all his new toys.

And, this big boy now has a new table. Here we are eating breakfast. Of course, McQueen, Ramone, Flo, Mater, and Doc Hudson had to eat with us (not sure who these people are, just ask the BFFs, they will tell you EACH one!).
Dada and Mommy are off to celebrate their anniversary tonight. Guess who is babysitting?? That's right...G will be spending the evening with Braxton and his sweet mommy.
We love you guys!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Fun...

What a FUN and busy week we've had! Summer is slippin' by a little too quickly.
Here is what we did this week....
Monday - We hit up Ruckus Room with Caden, Sean, and Braxton.
Here is G hanging out in the house.
He climbed to the top all by himself! And he slid down solo too! GO G!

Tuesday - We went to Humble to see Mi-Maw and our friends Lindsey,
Ms. Mary Jane, and Dean.
Dean's mommy and daddy are friends of mine from high school.
Dean is about 3 weeks younger than Griffin. Too cute!

Old friends and their little boys!
Thursday - Playdate with Sean and Caden. The boys are just too fast to get pictures! Thanks to Kaci for hosting all the crazy kids!

Friday - We met with our BFF Braxton for snow cones and more!

Here we are swinging away. Braxton and G like to torment their mothers by running VERY fast to see if we can catch them. :)

Then, they fed the ducks and turtles. Well, they would each take a bite of cracker then give the rest to their new friends.
Saturday - It's Drake's birthday at Little Gym! So fun!
Happy 2nd Birthday, D!

After the party, we met the Odells for food and fun at Clay's Restaurant.
What a great place for kids to play after eating a great meal!
We got to pet the horseys too!

Phew! We are TIRED. We are also so very grateful and blessed to have such amazing friends!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fabulous Fourth!

We were very busy this 4th of July weekend...
My Dad's sister and brother came to Houston to see all Dad's grandsons. It was beyond special.
My Uncle Doug looks, acts, talks, laughs, AND coughs like my Dad. My sister and I joked about how we could just stare at him for hours, as if it were my Dad talking with us.
Here is G and Uncle Doug playing with some cars.
Uncle Doug's namesake, my brother Doug, and G bonding over a push-up pop!

Rain? No problem! Let's go splash, Kiki!

Uncle Doug told me it was okay to have a seat. Right in the puddle.

Then, Uncle Doug took Kiki and G for a little spin in the cul-de-sac.
These were two very happy boys.
No problem with the puddle! Mi-Maw will fix me right up!
A bath in the kitchen sink. That's just how we roll.

Then, we spent the 4th with Uncle Tanner and Uncle Shane. Look at my sweet boy - he loves Shane A LOT. Uncle T cooked a mean brisket too!

What's the 4th without a little firework action?
We threw some pops around before calling it a night.

Happy 4th to all of you!