Sunday, February 24, 2013

BBQ, basketball, birthdays, and more!

Daddy participated in his work cook-off last weekend! After his team stayed up all night perfecting their ribs and brisket, they won 1st in ribs and 4th in brisket! He won a giant trophy and rodeo tickets :)

We also enjoyed a day in College Station watching some Aggie basketball! Despite the loss (in 5 overtimes!), we had fun! My former student, Sarah, is the captain of the Aggie Dance Team so we got to see her too! After a quick yogurt date with his favorite babysitter, Kendall - another Aggie, we headed home!

Another friend Sarah had her 5th birthday recently. Kristin, her mom, should be a party planner. They had a Doc McStuffins party so each kid got a dr. jacket and brought in their toys for a check-up!

We had another night of soccer, and he did so great! His sweet smile made me tear up - he was so proud of himself!

So much more fun in store this spring....

Sunday, February 17, 2013


...we've started soccer! Practice #1 was spent watching more than playing! He will get there!

...we enjoyed Valentine's day! G got lots of treats including more Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle gear and Legos! Dad made an amazing dinner while enjoying his new "shop" and shirt!

...we enjoyed friend Keller's super hero party! Keller's grandma made precious capes and masks!

...we decorated the house some thanks to Pinterest help!

...we are tired but enjoying it all :)