Monday, June 30, 2014

10 months!

Our Emmy girl turned 10 months! She's quite the sassy and determined little girl!

She signs "all done" and we are still working on "more." That will be way better than her screaming when she wants more food!

She also waves hi and bye to everyone! 

Sweet bathing beauty at the splash pad - we came a lot last summer, and we talked about how fun it would be when she was here - and it was awesome!

Emmy had her first baby sitter - my former student, Alexis! She did great so I'm sure Alexis will be coming back a lot more!

Sister stands on everything and has recently started standing unassisted! 

Princess Emmy's birthday planning is in full effect - expect A LOT of pink!

Loves - all food except peas, her brother, not wearing bows, remote controls, and laundry baskets :)

Dislikes - her car seat, not being rocked to sleep, sitting still, not being fed consistently, and being told no :)

Emmy love, 
You are a beautiful mess - we love you and your spunk! Thank you for continuing to brighten our lives!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pre-K Graduation

Griffin graduated from pre-k and is now ready to take on kindergarten. (Mom is far from ready!) We made quite a bit of changes since August - like new jobs, new sister, and a new school! This little boy soared through all the changes, and we are so proud of him! His school and teachers have been such a blessing. Can I send him one more year?? 

First/last day of Wee Wuns!

The sweet graduation program!

Mrs. Eckert - she was awesome!

The boy who made me a mom!

Josh and G will be in kinder at the same school!

Love them!

Mi-Maw and G

My family 


And busy little Emmy girl!

We also attended Popsicles in the Park with his future classmates - he's more than excited!! I'll get there...eventually :)