Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

Pumpkin Patch with the munchkins!

5th Birthday Party!

We celebrated G's 5th birthday with a fun party on Sunday - TMNT, of course! Thanks to Pinterest and Hans, some cute ideas came to life. G had a great time with all his awesome turtle friends!


G and Landon

His buddies from his old school, ELC!

All of his friends!

Silly faces!

Keller, G, and Graydon

Even my BFFs came to play - Ivonne and Jen!

Hans created a ninja obstacle course that the kids had to complete to officially become a NINJA TURTLE!

Our new garage came in handy!

Reed even led the kids in NINJA class! What a great sensei :)


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

2 months!

Emmy Kate is now 2 months old! As they say, it's going so fast! I love this lady bug so much!
We are always on the go, and she is such a trooper. She still a good sleeper in her car seat, but even when she is awake in there, she just looks around and takes it all in. 

She's a good sleeper too! On average, she's down for the night at 10 then sleeps until 5ish, eats, then goes back down until brother wakes us up! 

She is really smiling, cooing, and laughing too. It's the most wonderful thing ever! I could cry, I love her so much!

She loves being swaddled and sleeps swaddled up in her swing for naps. Her brother hated that swing so I'm glad she's a fan!

2 month stats -
23 1/2 inches (92th percentile)
11 lbs 8 oz (60th percentile)
Head - 15 1/2 inches (86th percentile)

Emmy girl,

You are such a dream come true for all of us! We love you and look forward to more fun, love, and joy as you grow!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Dump dump ahead! Let's first look at this precious baby girl!

How our Tuesday and Thursday mornings begin...lots of silliness before the day begins! MWF - I'm crazy getting everyone ready to take G to school! 

A friend recommended Head Start to Reading - a little reading class that gets kids ready for Kinder. G started his class last Tuesday. We will go each Tuesday this fall - he loved it :)
I had my first night out - Jill and I went to see Miranda Lambert! Such a fun time!

Emmy experienced her first shopping outing when she went with Aunt Jill and mommy to Round Top! She was so good the whole time!

Sibling love!

I was also able to meet up with Maggie and Libbie at the Tasting Room. Our conversations have definitely changed since our A&M days - now it's about our kids (9 between us!!).

And in really big news...G started soccer! His team, the Texans, had their first game. He's excited that he is #1!

Thanks to Mi-Maw for coming!!

And what could be better than Sarah Odell on your team?? Maybe Ryan Odell coming to watch!

Daddy also got Astros tickets from work! They were able to sit in the club seats and enjoy the game!

Bring on the rest of Fall!! More pics to come!