Sunday, May 17, 2009

So big (and multi-talented)! :)

The little dude is getting bigger and bigger - 7 months on the 2oth! He currently weighs 20 lbs., and mommy wonders where her arm muscles are?? We are still smiling, still jumping, still sleeping like a rock star, and still loving life :) Oh, and did I mention this little dude now has 5 teeth? Yep, you heard me - 5!

Some of Griffin's accomplishments:

  • Sitting up without any assistance.

  • Waving "bye-bye"

  • Talking up a storm - his fave? Dadadadadada....

  • Sticking his tongue out and making a spitting noise (which is REALLY fun mixed with some sweet potatoes...)

  • Eating "big boy" foods - any flavor baby food, baby puffs, avocado, steak (dada snuck in a small piece when mommy wasn't looking or she would have stuck her whole hand in his mouth to get it out)

  • Watching American Idol and Dancing with the Stars (no, this isn't about his mommy - he really loves Kris Allen (sorry, Mi-Maw) and Shaun Johnson (dada approves).

  • Being smothered in kisses all day long (with a face like this, how could you not??)


Lori B. said...

oh my gosh! I love him!!

Ethan's Folks said...

I'm glad that Griffin performed there. Ethan still won't perform for the camera. He's way too interested in seeing himself to let us get him candid.

G's sweet squels mixed with dadadada was precious. Thanks for sharing your little home video.

JulieandRyan said...

You need to post more videos.... so cute :) And he is so talented!

C-rich and Demanda said...

I just want to eat his cheeks!!! So cute! Can't wait to see him at Chloe's birthday party! I can't believe he already has so many teeth? That has to be some kind of record???