Monday, June 1, 2009

Proud Pop!

Last week when I went to pick up Griffin from school, I saw a grandpa picking up his little granddaughter. Right away, I was so sad. I know if my dad were here, he would drive over (slowly in his little red truck) from Humble to scoop up G for some fishing, hiking...basically anything outdoors! Sometimes, I wonder what my dad thinks of me and my sister as moms - he never got to see that. I have to say, I think he would be pretty proud. In fact, I know he is overjoyed in Heaven as he looks down upon all FOUR of his awesome grandsons!

Speaking of...we went for a quick trip to Humble and called Gage over to help Hans move some stuff at mom's. Gage came right in and scooped up Griffin who was in awe (as we all are) of this big teenager! Gagey was on the go, but he obliged to take some pics before he left. See...wouldn't Pop be proud??

Gage now drives Pop's little red truck...look who had to check it out!

The G Men - Gage and Griffin....



Lindsey said...

Awh Kim, your post melted my heart. I know your daddy is so proud of you, your family and the boys! He must have all his angel friends in awh of his beautiful Griffin. Thanks for sharing your heart. Lindsey

T Sharee said...

Hello! I found your blog on Kelly’s Korner. I am searching for summer recipes for our church homecoming in two weeks. I was hoping that you would have some ideas? By the way love your blog and I will be following from now on!!!!