Sunday, January 9, 2011

Proud to be an AGGIE!

Daddy and I went to root for the Aggies at the Cotton Bowl (well, it took Daddy a little bit before we got him to say GIG 'EM), and Griffin went to spend the night with Mi-Maw. My sister sent me these photos to let me know all was well.
Here is G and Kiki wrestling. Good times.

They are CRAZY. They also pulled every. single. wipe. out of the container. My sister found wipes all over the living room. Good times, once again.
No GUNS UP here! GIG EM!
(But look who is FINALLY wearing maroon)

Despite the loss, it was AMAZING to be there. So proud of our Ags this season.

The Onhaizers - our buddies! If weren't talking football, we were talking about Brax and G!

An awesome stadium! So glad we got to go!

We had a great time! Thanks to my mom for keeping our sweet G.
So far, 2011 is a BLAST!

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Jules said...

So, it makes me a nervous wreck to know I have a son who is going to want to wrestle others some day :) It's so fun being a boy mama though!
I miss you and we do need to get together! Maybe over margaritas?!