Monday, April 18, 2011

My Best Friend

I use my blog as my scrapbook, so I had to include this special memory of Griffin Hardy Reed. He has gotten pretty good at manipulating us out of going to bed (needs milk, wants to do one more puzzle, read one more book, watch a little Lightning McQueen, etc...). So last night, he asked me to rock him before going night-night. Here is our conversation:

Me: I love you.

G: I love you too.

Me: No, I love you more.

G: No, Mommy. I love YOU more....(pause)'re my best friend (all while patting me on the back and giving me a big hug).

So, what did I do (besides cry for a sec)?? I held him a little longer and thanked God (and my Dad and Mi-Maw Hardy) for this most precious gift. Griffin is a daily reminder that God is good. We are beyond blessed for this sweet baby boy.

And you know what? He's my best friend too.

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Kelly said...

And now I am crying a little. Such precious moments from a sweet, sweet boy!