Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back to life...

...back to reality! We said good-bye to summer and hello to another school year!  Before we officially went back, we celebrated a little bit more! Mi-Maw has been SO helpful in getting us settled in the new house. She was determined to leave me without a box left in the whole house. I'm happy to say she was successful. Thanks, Mom! Love you.
 We continued our current pirate obsession...
 ...and took a trip to Dylan's Candy Bar for this sugar fan.
 Daddy and I had a date night with the Odells, and G wanted some pics taken.
 G took this pic of Mommy and Daddy - not too bad!
 He also wanted to pose with me. Love.
 My sweet friend, Kristin. Dear God, THANK YOU for allowing my husband's best friend's wife to be one of my best friends. Love you, Kristin! (she kept G during our big moving day...huge help!)
 We settled into a new school year - with a big change for me. I had many sweet friends text me good luck wishes and even had this sweet one from my mom. I'm lucky she's my mommy :)
Little man was PUMPED to see his friends at school. We had 5 glorious drop offs - I love that he loves going to school! His new spiderman backpack went with him everyday even though it contained one fruit snack and/or cheese stick. Cutie.

I got to see some former students. Preston, on the far left, sang at Wine Styles so we sat on the patio and listened to some good music. So happy that Nathan and Reid were there too - what cool kids they are :)

Another former student, Whitney, got married this weekend so two of her English teachers went to celebrate! Love Jill English!

It was an Aggie wedding. Whoop!

 So fun to see G's swim teacher there too. G loved this pic I texted to show him!
Preston - 2 nights in a row! Glad to see him and visit before he heads back to Nashville!

 Beautiful bride!
A great farewell to summer and great beginning to another school year! I'm excited!

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Jules said...

Fun Fun!! You look so pretty and skinny in all of your pics!