Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend!

We had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! We started with dinner with Uncle Shane - love this picture of the Reed boys!

Owen and his sweet parents, Scott and Julianna, came over on Saturday. Julianna and I are so good at getting together - I love that we make time to see each other and let the boys play. She is a blessing in my life right now! Love you, Julio!

We took G to the museum to see the new dinosaur exhibit. This dinosaur fan was in Heaven. We have read so much about dinosaurs that G was our personal guide. He knew them all!

Poor confused little guy! Here he has both mommy and daddy telling him GIG 'EM or GUNS UP. It cracks me up that he is trying to do both in this picture.

As we were leaving the museum, Griffin sees this table and says, "Dad, let's sit here and talk about something." He loves his Daddy! The topic eventually became The Avengers :)

Train ride!

He decorated his cookie at Ruggles! YUM.

We loved a 3 day break! Why can't every weekend be a 3-day weekend??

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