Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy birthday, Griffin!

Dear Griffin,
I honestly can't believe you are 4 years old! It seems just like yesterday that we found out we were going to have a baby boy. Since your birth, you have been the sweetest little boy - and a boy you are! You still love your cars, trucks, and tractors, but you have now added pirates, dinosaurs, and super heroes to your favorite things list. You crack us up daily with your vocabulary and thought process. Just yesterday, you said, "Okay, Mom, here's the deal. I am going to have to get bigger. I HAVE to get big like my daddy, but I will still love you a lot, okay? Do we have a deal?" :)
Your best friend is still Kiki John Phillips (as you call him). I am in awe of our God when I think of how close you two are - such a blessing. He is your whole world, and while you can fight like brothers, you guys love each other to pieces. Like you say, "Mommy, he is not only my cousin. He is my best friend." Love.
I wish each day that Grandpa Charlie and Pop could pick you up and take you fishing. Once, a friend said he was going to his grandpa's house. A few minutes later, you asked why you didn't have grandpas. After hiding my tears and telling you more about Heaven, you said, "well, then Heaven is where you go when you want to go fishing." More love.
All I want for you in life is to be happy and just keep being so sweet. You are SO good with your manners. In fact, at the grocery store the other day, you asked for some stickers from the cashier by saying "please" followed by "thank you." The cashier said you were such a sweet little boy, and what a testament to his parents for his great manners. Well, sweet pea, you are a testament to how good God is, and I am so glad you are ours.
Happy birthday, my love bug. We love you so much.

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