Friday, May 31, 2013

Preparing for Summer!

First, let me say I need to invest in a nice camera. I take all my pictures on my phone, and they are coming out a bit blurry. I need to get on that before baby girl gets here!
We have been enjoying our pool a great deal! This little fish is finishing his 3rd summer of swim lessons, and he is doing so great! Pretty soon, I bet these floaties are gone! 


Kiki also graduated from Pre-K and is preparing for Kindergarten. Where does the time go?? I remember waiting and waiting and waiting for him to make his arrival almost 6 years ago. These boys are precious together (well, except when they tattle or fight over a toy) :)

Mom and I took a road trip to Austin to see her boyfriend, Paul McCartney. I have to say, this man can put on a show! He sang for 4 hours! Mom rocked out the whole time, and my prego self tried to keep up. I love how happy she was!

Our Memorial Weekend also included a movie trip with Caden. The boys loved Epic and spending time together. Love these two boys! They are such sweet friends.

We also made a trip to see AJ and his sweet family this weekend. Again, we practiced our swimming skills. AJ also starts Kindergarten this fall. He is a smart, sweet boy. And his mom rocks too. We had a great time catching up. Love you, Ivie!

Daddy returned home from his annual Memorial Day camping trip with his high school buddies (13th annual!), and we had a family breakfast at a new place by us. Two thumbs up! We will be going back!

Then, Caden came over to swim :) His mommy is about to have her 2nd boy. Once again, our babies will be months apart. Colby and Emmy forever :)

Speaking of sweet Emmy, the boys painted her room this weekend too. I can't wait for her bedding to come in! I still can't believe there will be pink in this house!!!!

Shopping....I can't stop.

I am so excited that our summer is going to be extended - if you have tips for a new stay at home mom, let me know!

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