Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New camera!!!!

We finally got a nice camera - just in time for Emmy :) AND....to take good pics of her nursery and someone's new specs! I was also able to play around with some photo apps on my computer (Hans and G got me a Chromebook for my bday, and I am just now understanding all the cool things you can do!). Here's a little preview of it all!

Check out this cool dude! I was so worried about his eyes, and it turns out mommy was right! He did great at his exam, and we determined he's farsighted. He has been doing SO good at wearing them! Made me a little sad watching him look around like everything was so new - wish I took him earlier! No more squinting for this munchkin!

I may post more nursery pics - I just wanted to play around with my collage apps! This is fun :)

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Jules said...

Love the room, love the glasses, love it all :) I can't wait for sweet Emmy to be here!!