Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013 - Part II

Christmas was spent at Mi-Ma's house - so fun to have everyone together! Lil miss took it all in :)

Chillin' in the bumbo for the first time! Thanks, Aunt Lori!

The little fam!

Mi-Ma and baby girl!

The grandsons!

Big boy booster seat! #finally

Oldest and youngest grandchild! How is he almost 21?

Hans's awesome wrap job!

Mi-Ma and her grand babies! 

Gunar and his cousin!

Emerson Kate ready for Santa!

G loved finding his new bike on Christmas morning!

Keaton got mustaches so we tried them out!

The best gift of all - my sister refinished an old dollhouse my dad made. Here I am with the house when I was small! Now my sweet girl can enjoy it too :) The note she included which had us all crying. Miss you, Daddy. I can't wait for Em to enjoy it like we did!

As G said later that day, "I'm sad Christmas is over! I love being with my family!"

Merry Christmas to all!

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