Monday, February 3, 2014

Catching up!

All is well here in our world! 2014 has been busy but fun! See for yourself...

We had a girls night with my former student, Sarah. I just love this sweet girl - so proud of her and love that she back home and working with Hans!

While the girls were out, the boys hit the Monster Jam! As you can see, Griffin did not enjoy it one bit :) 

Lil miss is growing and still just as precious as ever. I love this outfit on her - bought the sweet pants at a boutique in Stephenville - half off!! 

She had to get dressed up for lunch with the Egans. I am still so excited this sweet family has moved back home and that we get to see them quite a bit! We are super proud of Scotty and his new role at Rice!

Friends forever - Dani, Jenn, and me!

Oh, there's that face again. Picture overload, but I can't help it - it's just too much!

Griffin is SO ready  for Hans to get home by the end of the he is waiting for him in the driveway. Power Ranger mask - a must! I don't think sister was too impressed!

Houston has had a few "snow" days as of late, so we have taken full advantage of PJ time! One frozen day, we decided to do a living room picnic. It's the little things sometimes!

"Snow" day #2 - still workin' the PJs!

Hans and G hit the grocery store for us one day, and sweet bubba came home with these! He sure is a sweetie!

Whoops...another cute baby girl pic!

Our Dinner Club had our January dinner at the Odell's. Here are all the kids - minus a few! Our group sure has grown over the years! We love doing these once a month - one family hosts with the main dish, and everyone else brings sides, apps, and desserts. Then, the kids go nuts and sleep great that night :)

A little sweet family time before bed - these moments are the ones I savor forever! I try so hard to take it all in because that right there - that's a dream come true!

I also met up with some talented friends who taught me bow-making skills - these aren't the best, but I'm trying! I love the E bow, and she has already rocked it!

Emmy girl has also started to sit in her high chair since we have been doing more solids. She looks so little in it, but she likes it so far!

Griffin loves games, and we have been playing Uno quite a bit - he's pretty good and wins most of the time!

Bounce with me, bounce with me....

A little piece of our "snow" day. G was so excited, and screamed, " I FINALLY get to see snow!" 

Eyelashes on this lovey!

Hans and I just came back from a quick trip to Austin to celebrate our sweet friends, Zach and Kelly, and their baby-to-be, Sawyer! I am so happy for them and love them to pieces. We went to Michigan a few years ago to celebrate their wedding, and we were so happy to be a part of this celebration too! 

Special thanks to my mom and sister for taking care of these two while we were gone! I was a nervous mama, but they both were so great for them! I could not wait to get my hands on them. Hans and I enjoyed our time away, but one night was enough :)

So there you have it...a random collection to catch up on the Reed family! Next up, Emmy turns 6 months, and we celebrate the month of LOVE!

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