Friday, April 18, 2014

8 months!

Oh little sister, you need to stop growing! I do love this age and I could squeeze you all day long!!

Her face every time she sees her brother!!

New shoes!

Brother's Easter party!

And on your 8th month bday, I decided to lock us out of the house! Dad had to come to our rescue :) Some days are better than others - ha!

On your 8th month birthday -

* you finally sleep great at night - 7:30-7!!
* you do not take consistent naps - some days, you'll take two super naps; other days, you cat nap
* you still nurse - 4x a day - still going strong!
*you wave bye bye
*you mimic everything we do - especially when someone coughs
*you tell me no-no by shaking your head
*you are so close to crawling!!
*you say hi back to us

We love you, sweet princess!!! So lucky you're ours!

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