Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pre-K Graduation

Griffin graduated from pre-k and is now ready to take on kindergarten. (Mom is far from ready!) We made quite a bit of changes since August - like new jobs, new sister, and a new school! This little boy soared through all the changes, and we are so proud of him! His school and teachers have been such a blessing. Can I send him one more year?? 

First/last day of Wee Wuns!

The sweet graduation program!

Mrs. Eckert - she was awesome!

The boy who made me a mom!

Josh and G will be in kinder at the same school!

Love them!

Mi-Maw and G

My family 


And busy little Emmy girl!

We also attended Popsicles in the Park with his future classmates - he's more than excited!! I'll get there...eventually :)

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