Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Say what??

Griffin is approaching the 5 month mark - how did that happen?? He is growing, laughing, and...growing some teeth! He has two chompers on the bottom, and I think a third will join them soon. He chews on everything! I am loving Spring Break '09 with my munchkin. We have visited old friends, spent a day with Mi-Maw/Jill/Keaton, and are looking forward to the rodeo and the zoo! Pics to come of those teeth and our Spring Break adventures!

Oh - and I turn 21 for the 11th time next week :) We will celebrate with Griffin's first crawfish boil - cooked by his awesome Daddy!!


Lori B. said...

Yeah Griffin! Congrats on the teeth! We can't wait to see you again...SOON!

Niki said...


It is so sad when you sit back and think about how quickly time goes by!!!! Addie will be 2 next month and I honestly feel like she was just born yesterday! I love the picture...Griffin is so cute...looks like he should be in a magazine!

JulieandRyan said...

Hey! I miss you friend!