Sunday, August 16, 2009

Old and New

We have been very busy around here. I started my new job as a school counselor and while the pace is overwhelming at times, I love it. I know this is the fit for me right now. But, I took a break from working on student schedules and hung out with old friends, my BFFs, The Egans. Jenn, Scotty, Sawyer, and Jack came in from Nashville, and we LOVED seeing them. We had a little playdate then a parents' night out! I just love being with Jenn, and she thinks I joke when I say she is my mommy role model. I wouldn't be here without her.
BFFs since 6th grade!
Griffin and his Aunt Jenny

Sawyer and Griffin. Look at that red hair!!

So, you say we are suppose to be BFFs too?
In another big change, Griffin left his old school this past week. We have been on a waiting list for the other ELC (Cy Fair's Early Learning Center for employees' children) since he was a little bean in my belly. He officially starts at the closer location this Monday. While I excitedly waited for this day, it was bittersweet leaving the ELC we have been at since he was 16 weeks old. They have been so good to G, and we love them for it. They were sad to see him go.

Ms. Maria and Ms. Kya with their favorite student

The whole crew with their main man.

We are looking forward to our new changes this upcoming school year, and we look even more forward to the news of where our old friends, The Egans, move next. I vote Cypress, Texas. Does my vote count??

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JulieandRyan said...

I am sure all of Griffin's teachers from here on out will love him :) Such a cutie!!
Good luck with the new job! We all need to get together again soon :)