Monday, November 2, 2009

It's Halloween, Charlie Brown...

We spent the Halloween weekend in Humble hanging out with good friends and family!
Reed and Phillips Family
My cuz, the UPS man, and me - Charlie Brown!

See? Aren't we cute??
Here's Mama and Dada :) They ate my candy because I was too busy chasing the bigger kids.
We had a blast - looking foward to Thanksgiving and Christmas now!!


Libbie Hill said...

Charlie Brown only wishes he was that cute! Glad you guys had fun.

Jules said...

I love this costume the best :) Griffin makes a precious Charlie Brown. Your hair looks great by the way... I'm thinking about going darker. I'm some what of a chicken about my hair though :)

taeandashleypark said...

That picture of he and Keaton on the bench is soo cute!! What a sweet Charlie Brown!!