Monday, November 16, 2009

Moving on up...

Before I tell you all about Griffin and his latest moves, I had to share a pic of some of my most favorite people. Kristin, the one with the cute belly in the middle, is Hans's best friend's wife. Hans and Glenn have known each other FOREVER and are more like brothers (well, we have another name for them...). How lucky am I that I LOVE Kristin so much?? If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be the mom I am today. AND...she is adding to the group -
Ryan Joseph will be here on Dec. 9 - we can't wait to meet him!

On to my little dude, this is his CHEEEESE face. When I get out the camera, he smiles this goofy smile and says "CHEESE!" Too darn cute, I have to say.

He now has a new view of the world. We turned his seat around, and he is in awe.
Makes a car ride so much more fun!

What else is Griffin up to, you might ask?
  • He is now RUNNING.
  • He is now acquiring a busted lip or bump on the forehead every now and then. See the above pic for his 2nd busted lip at school. His round little belly just got too heavy to carry and down he went!
  • He eats whatever we eat - faves: pasta, pasta, and more pasta. Oh, and cheese.
  • He is being transitioned into the toddler room at school and is doing SO well. He even gets to be in his BFF's class. Yeah, Braxton!
  • We are loving milk and are ALMOST bottle-free. I am a sucker and we still have one small one in the evening. He usually throws it, so I think we are almost done.
  • He loves looking at pictures. He now sees one of his cuz, Keaton, and says, "Teaton." Too cute.
  • He is still loving a good book. He picks one up, says "book" and then backs himself into your lap. He gets bored about one page in, but I still think it's cute.

And...we still love every second with him. Life couldn't get any better.


Jake and Amanda said...

Congrats... They are such blessings. I hope i get to meet him someday. And he is sooo cute.

Jules said...

That is great that you love Hans' friends wives ( that was hard to say :)) I feel lucky to be close friends with wives as well :)
I love the cheese face! So cute! Are you going to New Moon this weekend?! My sister and I are taking mental health days to go see it. I can't wait!!