Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

We are loving 2010 so far!
Check out my new robe - am I cute or what?
My buddies, Jack and Sawyer, came over to play and eat bagels :)

Then, we decided to see if I like pudding. As you can tell, it's a go.

We can't thank Santa enough for my chair. I LOOOOVE it!
See the remote next to me? Yep, I know how to use it.

Other 2010 facts about me:
  • I am talking ALL. THE. TIME. The first thing I say in the morning is ELMO? We either need to read his book or make sure he is close. I love that guy.
  • Speaking of talking, my favorite phrase is OHHHH NOOOOO. I say it right after I throw food, balls, toys, etc....
  • I see Mommy and Daddy on the phone so when a phone rings, I say HE-YO? I even can put the phone to my ear. I am going to learn this texting thing next!
  • I am a dancing machine. I bend down, shake my booty, clap my hands, and nod my head. I have a favorite CD that Aunt Jen made me. IT ROCKS!
  • I currently weigh 26 lbs, and I am all BOY! I love to climb, stand on things, and have a meltdown when I hear the word NO. Fun times!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you! May God bless you in 2010!

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Amanda said...

I love the pics. SO cute! The pudding pic is great. Looks like he loved it! Miss you and love you!