Sunday, January 24, 2010

My friends!

We had sweet Caden's 1st birthday this weekend - Happy Birthday, friend!
This is G and Lil' Marvin. I work with M's mom - love her and all the
help she has given me in my new job!

You can pretty much call this guy G's BFF. They are in the same class at school, and I work with his daddy and love his mommy too! Now that G can say his name, he screams BRAXTON all day. It is nice to have a break from hearing ELMO or CHEESE all the time :)
Braxton wanted to really get inside this gift bag.

Lil Marvin and G-Funk checking out their party loot!
And the birthday boy - Caden. His sweet mommy hosted a great party. Love you, Miss Laura!

Daddy went hunting this weekend, so G and I had so much fun seeing our friends and hanging out. AND, my sweet baby boy slept in til almost 8 each day. THANKS, BUDDY!!


Jules said...

I love little G-Funk.... So cute :) Miss you friend!

Lori B. said...

What a cute little man (and his friends)!!
I would love to hear Elmo & Cheese..... We hear "uh oh" and "shoes" all day! :)