Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Best Spring Break EVER!

Griffin has had a very busy Spring Break, and we have loved every minute!
Our montly Dinner Club was at our house this month. I made tacos and margaritas - YUM. This is Griffin and Jackson Spencer - he is precious. The boys were chillin' at the man table.

Then, we spent St. Patty's day at Mi-Maw's house with Keaton. They love to hug!

We then took K and G to the rodeo carnvial. G's favorite thing to do was run free on the green hill. He was not too happy to be confined to the stroller again :)
We also spent Friday with Aunt Lori, Drake, and new baby Graham. Drake and G laughed so much. It was precious. G asked for Drake all the way home so more playdates are in our future for sure! I didn't get good pics because they were too fast!

Then, there's this....Hi, Keith (Urban, that is)
Our friends, the Saucedas, couldn't go to Keith so we upgraded our rodeo seats and look who stopped by?? My sister and I were shaking and screaming like a couple of teenagers.
Thanks to the Saucedas!
(Sorry the pic is blurry, but I was so excited....)
Not looking forward to the return to work. Griffin is so fun and communicates so well. I have loved every second with him. Ten more weeks until summer!

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Jules said...

I'm glad y'all had a good spring break. Mine went WAAAY too fast! I love Keith!