Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Louisana and more!

We took a Fugler girls road trip to Louisiana this past weekend to meet my cousin's new sweet baby. G and Daddy made it a guys weekend in Stephenville - he must have had fun because he was tuckered out!
Just a quick Griffin update:
  • He is now almost 17 months old and BUSY.
  • He is still talking non-stop and apparently is learning Spanish. I won't even try to spell the words he is saying, but he knows how to say WATER, LET'S GO, MILK, and CAT in Spanish. There is probably more, but I have no idea what he is saying :)
  • He knows how to work us now because whenever he wants something he says PEASE, MOMMY or PEASE, DADDY. Nice boy - he already has manners :)
  • Hans and I think he will be either an auto mechanic, a pilot, or a bus driver by how excited he gets when he sees a car, plane, or school bus. Either that or he will stalk Elmo because he loves that guy A LOT.
  • He is such a big boy at school. When I pick him up, he runs the other way. Guess he likes it!

Now to Louisiana - this is my sweet cousin Stacy. She is getting married in June and just bought a precious house with her fiance, Hab. I love them, and we loved drinking some wine on Saturday!!
Meet Charlie Jon Barber - precious or what??
He is blessed to have such a sweet mommy and daddy! Jonathan and Aimee, thank you for letting us come see him! Griffin can't wait to play with sweet Charlie.

We are home now enjoying our Spring Break. I love being with Griffin so much, and we have tons planned. Pictures to come!

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